• So much money and looks like a 199€ Einzig Fixie. Impressive.

  • I'm spotting carbon.

  • Rim brakes is clearly a veiled insult

    Edit: Cantis even. Gift? More like assassination attempt

  • Lmao

  • This is quite funny.

  • It's quite a bargain and made by hippies.

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  • Bilenky got shafted by the US State Dept, $1500 for it. That Eagle AXS derailleur alone costs half that.

  • Curious synergy between the Mail comments on the bike and here. Auth/right=Lib/left equilibrium.

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  • Nipple game on point

  • The Bilenky is the international politicsXbicycle version of "sorry we can't pay you but will look great in your portfolio".

  • bet we will see a thought piece on how biden administration went to firefly and after hearing their prices swiftly exited. the thought piece will be written by an ex-employee highlighting how general public just doesn’t get how bicycles are price these days.

  • does this show potential for free trade on bike parts tho? we need to ask the pertinent questions.

    a key wanker bike policy is to respect the vote, but angle for the best possible deal with the given conditions, and this includes the free trade of cycling focused cnc between the UK and USA.

    while we may have harder access to dynamos, and really ugly trekking bars due to the shipping difficulty with the EU, there is still a possibility for better access to artisanal luggage, american made finishing kits and crust bicycles. in return they can have access to our brooks saddles, hope brakes and ... uhhhhh....... ummm......... alpkit?

  • u forgot sturmey archer; the british groupset

  • if this happens i could buy JB’s bikes very easily

  • you've got your marketing hat on to maximise these newly opened markets, great to see

    very global Britain

  • i will go on record to say if it lead to me being able to buy a crust lightning bolt canti without a large mark-up, duty or retailer gouging, i would, sadly, have to give it to them

  • More options on anodised Paul stuff would be nice. ;)

  • klampers could br £400 for a pair instead of £430!

  • Now that’s the kind of deal I support!

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wanker Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩

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