• I used to frequently see an older bloke about on an eccentric touring pimped up Moulton in Glasgow. D cells were present.

  • Here we go let’s see if this is enough to get into such a elite club ;)

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  • reluctant acceptance at a clear loophole in the rules as i assume those are 26x1.6"? but the large amount of wankery around them lets you through

    upside down king kups
    gino mount
    stridsland ring and kooka(?) crank
    contrasting crank bolt
    Thomson (unmarked i may add)
    worn turbo
    bull moose bars

    i bet they're king cages too


    here, here, premium wank, a who's who of wank really, truly diseased

    17” 1995 Rockhopper frame
    Thorn Sherpa mk2 fork
    Hope pro 4/Velocity Cliffhanger
    Black Chris King nothreadset
    Paul Gino
    Paul funky money canti hanger
    Spa cycles titanium steerer spacers
    Nitto b903r Bullmoose
    Crane e-ne bell
    Microshift left hand friction thumbie (swapped upside down to right side)
    Paul canti levers
    ESI Chunky
    Nitto bar ends
    Thomson inline
    Odyssey Selte titanium binder bolt
    Selle Italia turbo
    King cage x2(1 lowering)
    Shimano un55 73mm
    RaceFace turbine
    Stridsland 38t nw chainring
    Stridsland crank caps
    Paul neo retro (front)
    Paul Touring (rear)
    Paul Moon unit
    Koolstop thinline (Salmon)
    Shimano hg50 7 speed cassette 14-32t
    Shimano stx-rc rear derailleur

  • Hahaha I’m truly honoured by this, thank you. The tyres are actually 2.1, more than enough girth.

    I don’t think I could have mug written any bigger on my head ;)

  • please forgive me, my inner tyre cop, like all cops, is often assumptive, irrational and unfairly imposing their authoritative misconceptions on law abiding members

  • It’s a very easy mistake to make, luckily I’m so enamoured by my new bike that I’ll let it slide this once.

  • A classic:

  • I spy a triple, though everything else looks nice. Sweet flangeless oury

  • Bar end ID?

  • My lht is a towering pile of hideousness comparable to that one upthread.
    After many many handlebar swaps over the years I’ve settle on cruiser bars with tt clip ons...

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
    I've just put clip-on tri bars on my 26" tourer in preparation for LEJOG and it's taken it instantly from kind-of-kooky to fucking-hideous

  • I’ve always toyed with the idea of sticking some bar end extensions in the middle as sorta tt extensions, but this is another level!

  • Slightly surprised there have been no electronic gears on here? Surly the ultimate wasting of money on a wanker hybrid?

  • while not a beepboop hater i feel, conceptually, the wanker bike owner may not be clued up enough to fix their own gentrification station, they are clued up enough to know that budgeting £150 for deore and £250 for their seatpost is more bang for their buck. likes wise

    also reminds me of why cant i buy a deore sticker in the dior font, please.....someone

  • one of my biggest moral failings is really liking the big bro

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  • Love the first one must be such a cushy ride, I always feel like the Thomson set-back looks as though the post is scared of the bars and is recoiling back lol

  • Photo 1 of a few depending on how it goes.

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  • Chi Cro mo whims.. nice way to spend Friday evening

  • Woooah! Yeh boy

    Edit to add Mr Chancellor

  • However is that a Performance level Nobby Nic?

  • It's the boss's bike, I've got a few shots in various outfits, and many tyres.

  • Long, low, tight. LLT.

    What's it for (stupid question in this thread)?

  • Cargo/child carrying sometimes electric, bad back hybrid MTB with custom racks, flip paint and hope/middleburn, essentially custom this thread I think.

  • I feel vindicated

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  • Have the lot you bastards.

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  • we stan a DIY wanker bike

    @Elra my brain is biologically coded to enjoy this picture

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wanker Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩

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