• The rear rack is just for the child seat but when I'm out and about sans child I whip it off to save a miniscule amount of weight.

  • Just awaiting mudguards a more chonk tyres

  • Ooh I spot some triples

  • Maj is working with a designer to print "kill the triple" stickers.

  • So down for these, let’s make it a reality

  • Chonk is a great word.

  • Something about that Straggler, despite the double...

  • i'll be honest lads... i'm loving these bikes... every single one of em

  • Nothing to be ashamed of

  • Telescopic seatpost?

  • My Marin too ratty for this topic?

  • Amey's / my old Trek might fit in here? Excuse the triple.

  • Gravelkings
    Touring bars

    Could be in the running for sure! Great looking bike

  • .

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  • that was a good bike, i had 650b grand bois tyres on that with paul brakes and levers, I will find a pic

    also my partners ECR, need to find a pic

  • I call on the house to pass judgement on this proto-wanker from the last decade

  • That Cherry Bomb is extremely nice.

  • i'm a large tyre factionalist, to me this bike does not pass our entry requirements, although may pass the vibe check

    Personally the other underrepresented party i can see making a comeback, of which this bike is part of, is the "eccentric touring bike"

    lots of stack
    30-40c tyres
    lots of spacers
    things bolted/ clamped on everywhere
    not a step through but looks stepthrough
    looks like its blue lugg but it's just old and outdated

    i have not however got enough pictures to set the mood

  • Those bottle cages look long enough for a long thing.

    Personally I would put this in functional bikes, it looks like a rolling incarnation of a retired engineers DIY workbench. Everything dialled in just to their own eccentric needs/wants.

    Studded tyres seems like a weird flex though.

  • Maj and I's friend who hates cyclists now owns that bike and responds with derision to people who clock the sticker job.

  • It came from the functional thread, many many moons ago. I think that build is north of 10 years ago. Hence me refering to it as a proto-wanker, it was built at a time when what we think of as the 'modern standard' for the wanker hybrid was still but the loose jelly of life clinging to the rocks of a distant shore.

  • The evolving wanker bike definition on here is surely post-modern?

  • the evolving wanker bike definition on here is 'Surly: post-modern'


  • ‘Eccentric touring bikes’ is a potential goldmine of a thread. My lht is a towering pile of hideousness comparable to that one upthread.
    After many many handlebar swaps over the years I’ve settle on cruiser bars with tt clip ons...

    I always like the ‘weird local bloke bike’- prob does more miles than anyone else, completely random selection of parts, almost always something made out of meccano, still rocking lights running on D cell batteries, one ancient karrimor pannier etc.
    Preferably teamed with an og TuffTop helmet and reflective sash...

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Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩

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