• chancellor of the wank has walked into the house, all stand for the honourable member

  • some heavy hitters

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  • another round of wank

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  • Early member of the party, since parted ways due to their choice of bars, but on good terms, will get kickbacks once we're in power.


  • Ah, finally a thread for my bike. I humbly submit my own Singular Gryphon

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  • Before the term 'wanker hybrids' was coined I always referred to these sort of bikes as yob bikes. Not quite a road bike, not really a mtb but just a fun bike that bike that encouraged you to hit all the city jumps and wee trails.

    If anyone makes a wanker hybrid sticker I'll take one.

  • I saw someone on a serrota hybrid today. That was confusing.

  • Thank you; the Chancellor would like to take opporunity to recognise the special efforts my honourable collegue has been undertaking in this thread.

  • i know it breaks some of the rules but i feel like phinney's allied belongs here

  • 700x25C?!

    Frankenbike >>>>>

  • Different kinda wank, I want those bars on something though!

  • Dirty tyres, wrong location.. Too far from the nearest Waitrose.

  • Hipsta not wank in my opinion.

  • I'm guessing this entire page is just a lift and shift from the radavist?!

  • we have to respect what the unions bring to the party, they make a large part of our funding and have done excellent work in raising awareness and the case for wanker bikes.

    RWBU has specifically done great work in documentation

  • But what about the rank and file members?

  • Wankophile.

  • i think any paid up member of the wanker bike party would understand the work places like the RWBU has done for getting our fetishization of bikes and machined parts mainstream. maybe if a member doesn't feel why they receive such weight to their voice they should read some wanker bike theory.

    they for one introduced me to the wanker bike way back when i was still riding unsafe 28's and those noodle controll droppy things

  • LFGSS: the place to learn new words from on a daily (or hourly) basis.

  • Could have been built specifically for this thread. Super fat tanwalls with barely any tread, Jones bar, Brooks, and a probably totally unnecessary Rohloff for cruising around town in dry weather

  • A quick flick through my personal archives

  • Ok

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Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩

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