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  • Though this does have wanker tyre inflation bobbins, the head angle / fork situation crash it out of the thread.

  • Getting closer amey, good effort but landfill frames / wheels are about as toxic as "drive to the ride" optics so in light of that the party can't be seen engaging.

  • @Dammit pic does the question of whether a LLS hardtail with a carbon fork, Rohloff, NOS green tyres and a Brooks B17 might fit the ever moving criteria (or the whims of @Maj )?

  • I wanted to post my allotment bike on here, it does tick at least a few boxes but I too feared judgement so balked and put it in functional..

  • No worries, worth a punt.

    I've got a PX bullmoose (1 1/8" clamp) knocking around somewhere if you'd like to borrow it to see what it feels like?

  • very close call, the 1x and large range deore certainly is tempting, if you put some mks or an extra wide bar we'd support your membership transfer from NPNAFB

    @hurricane_run as long as it hasn't got a bouncy fork we'll accept these modern chopper looking things

  • I have been wondering about flat bar exploros. Where's the picture from?

  • surly krampus
    velo orange piolet

    two good wh platforms

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  • @NurseHolliday should probably post his 23kg surly

  • Thanks for the feedback boss!

    I was considering an unnecessary brake upgrade and attempting to shoehorn some 29x2.0 tyres on there to gain approval ;)

  • That's the set up line for a joke I don't know

  • Haha this one is the reason I am currently spending way too much money on parts for my SSMTB I never ride.

    //Edit: Ah great, answering to a post 3 pages back...

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  • i'm still unconvinced this bike exists and isn't a psyop on people like me, it's a little too on the nose that i cant look at it for too long or my brain hurts

    similar to when you get too many of those machine generated visual asmr uploads on your Instagram discover feed

  • A bit to much action on this one for me but...

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  • When I start a bike project I often collect visual references of loads of other bikes and parts I like. For the SSMTB it's only this bike but like 20 different photos of it lol.

  • @amey will want this

    *might need some Trek stickers

  • Maybe this thread is one big mood board. Intrinsic to that wavy lined wanker aesthetic...The bikes themselves have dissolved into gooey spunk.

  • For posterity before the inevitable flounce.

  • 5k bike if I've ever seen one!

  • 5k bike, unfortunately 45.00c

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  • My tentative addition...

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  • this bike is a very nice bike, the frame especially, im a big fan of top tube caballing.

    but i am sorry, tripples, mudguards, tiny cassette, lack of artisanal baggage, this is far too functional, sensibly thought out and cost effective to be a wanker hybrid.

    it also looks like it might actually get ridden and enjoyed which no bikes here do.

    it does pain me to be so harsh on a lot of these very good project bikes, but unfortunately i do not make the rules

  • i do not make the rules


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wanker Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩

Posted by Avatar for Maj @Maj