• this thread is for trendy hybrids and will be ruled very strictly, I urge users to call out any non trendy/wanker/overly fussy hybrids and shame the poster

    Wanker Bike (adj) - A bike which features functional design and componentry, that under closer investigation, appears meticulously constructed, elegant and over indulgent for its intended uses


    "did you see Matilda's new bike? looks a bit burly and shiney for just riding to the shops, no?"
    "agreed, but she always liked a wanker bike, tis' pretty at least"

    Things permitted/ encouraged:

    nice wide bars
    long and short stems
    bougie flat pedals
    27.5 / 29r rims
    japanese tyres
    imported cnc
    trendy bike luggage
    nice racks
    rigid forks
    rim and disc brakes
    excess headset spacers
    basically anything you could get a customs charge on and is seen on the radavist
    £10 patches
    stickers (we will judge the quality of the brand your decide to apply)
    custom frame bags
    low cost (oem parts, deore, atlus decathalon) mixed with high cost (nitto, paul, hope, king)
    weirdly expensive "bike packing" bars
    big tyre mini velos

    things not permitted/ explicitly discouraged:

    drop bars
    aluminium frames (hydroformed, non conventional tubing)
    bouncy forks
    650b/700c tyre sizes
    rear suspension
    Schwalbe marathons and marathons plus
    spd sl/ speed play/ attac pedals
    carbon (frames/forks/parts)
    crosschecks/ stragglers/ keplers/ cdfs / "gravel bikes people force big tyres on" et al
    fizik/deda/3t anything which looks like it came from a road bike
    any form of child carrying equipment/ bolt ons

    things which will go to the jury:

    cargo forks
    spd pedals
    dirt drop bars
    slick tyres
    2x gearing

    additional rules

    You are also encouraged to post and review terrain you ride your trendy hybrid here, from downhill to a road, how did it preform? were you scared? did you need more or less bike?

    Readers rides are strongly encouraged and enjoyed as long as they conform to the criteria

    Supported framesets

    genesis longitude
    genesis vegabond
    surly bridge club
    surly ogre
    surly LHT (26" only)
    surly karate monkey
    surly pack rat
    surly krampus
    crust evasion
    crust scapegoat
    all city log lady
    pipe dream alice
    brother big bro
    planet x 29r inbred
    planet x 456 (rigid fork only)
    the vandal metalworks
    hulsroy frames
    kona rove (27.5 wheels only)
    kona sutra
    fearless warlock (27.5 only)
    singular peregrine
    sanderson town crier
    stooge anything and everything
    26" mtbs (they need to have at least 2 pieces of JDM or USA made parts and 1x)
    giant tough road
    velo orange piolet
    velo orange mini neutrino

  • something to get the ball rolling

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    • boyke.jpg
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    • unknown.png
  • Pub and takeaway pick ups

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  • some more

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  • cutting it fine with the tyres size and model, but the brooks, bar and rack redeems it,


  • Can I play with the cool kids pretty pls? 🙏🏼

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    • IMG_20210309_173047.jpg
  • My canal commuter. Once these tyres die I wanna go bigger.

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    • Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 19.25.33.png
  • cables. tyres and bar set up, truly a person of the gram, a solid approval

  • another couple

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    • 6de6eca0e7caead4426ab9a8e5dc737e6dd15014ef150324eda4bf033d793e6a.jpg
    • 80c406cf3f071239aca60112ddacf1218b4312c15811355954d9e1ca5fe32338.jpg
  • That Klein's bending the rules a bit eh. WBASE sticker saves it huh? Hehe

    I'm here to witness the bougie flat pedals mostly.

  • this is a fair critique,

    the pro case is: single brake, niche saddle, stridsland ring and WI crank and simworks bars, truly a person who has lost many a day to the instagram discover feed

  • When locking this up at the bike racks at work I was told it was "A bit like the bicycle equivalent of a Chelsea Tractor" and therefore I assume it belongs here.

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    • IMG_20200424_094408394_HDR.jpg
  • Ah shit I want that saddle

  • hope wheels, super nova, thomson and pretty much sparkling clean? absolutely does

  • you have been granted an extension on your application pending bigger rubber

  • strong set of approvals here,

    that crust, leadership material with a few years on the front bench i think

    i think with 26rs they need to have a strong amount of zeitgeist parts on to separate them from their historic selves, and at the very least have a 1x conversion and good baggage

  • So basically this is just the Xbiking subreddit?

  • I thought it was a functional thread reboot?

  • I think they mostly fall into "Dad bike" territory. But that's such a shit name for such a bike, so I support the effort.

  • functional thread but seen through the lense of a business park worker who doesn't have to hide their browsing, but cant sneak off to ride their bike.

  • is a 47mm tyre 29er enough ? If its in mm I guess not?

  • if it's a knobbly the approval board would consider it,

    it MUST have mud clearance tho, no missing crown or chainstay paint please.

    it could apply for a "vibe check pass" where it does not fulfil the strict criteria but pass's the "vibe check", it would have to be blinged out tho

    **n.b for flat bar cx owners, your bike will not pass the vibe check

  • the all city is fringe, but i did inspect it and it does say 700x50 on the tyre, meaning if the rider was enlightened they could use the superior 29x2.0

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    • 46830849975_36025512dc_b.jpg
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  • On an unrelated note.

    26er tho

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    • cfcf808aaf56bb5fcb642627e57762dfaff6455a.jpg
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Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩

Posted by Avatar for Maj @Maj