• Stanton Sherpa, 853 29er, 17 inch. Mk1 (QR dropouts)

    The top headtube/toptube gusset has a cutout of the Stanton 'crown' logo. Unfortunately the outermost edges of this crown (pointy bits) had begun to crack on both sides (hairline, maybe 1-2mm but I spotted it when cleaning it). Probably influenced by the leverage of the fork flexing the headtube. The gusset is only joined to the frame at the welds (you could stick a bit of paper under the gap) but if left untreated, I supposed this could have spread to the welds. Local guy filled it with brass and reckons it would be OK. Essentially the gusset is now stuck down.

    But... I have used/sold most of the parts and don't really feel like building it up again. Don't really want to sell the frame direct to a rider due to the location of the repair.

    But if a builder wanted to buy it using their knowledge of brass braze, or to add even more brass (massive fillet?) that would seem more reasonable, or to practice with / replace headtube etc.

    At the time the best thing to do would probably have been to remove the gusset / cut the crown out in a circle , but this would have been hard without accidentally dremelling the main tube - I was only doing backpacking on it anyway and don't believe top gussets do much.

    If anyone's interested in it, PM me, or feel free to comment on best use...

    Will try to find some pics.

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  • Interested how much are you looking for. Have a welder friend that could do something with it. I would only putting carbon forks on the bike.
    Let me know about the post office bike.
    Cheers Stu

  • Post office bike? Think that's a different dude?

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  • Sorry how much for the frame

  • Being hyper-cautious but would probably only want to send it direct to a frame builder due to location of the issue. Also, that area is full of brass now which would fuck with a weld.

  • Edited title - not listed for general sale straight to riders or would have put it in classifieds. Can't justify it. I didn't pay a lot for it (£200 about 4 years ago from a rich dude upgrading to the latest spec) and had a fair bit of use so not done badly out of it - not desperate to make £££ as I accepted it is damaged a while ago

  • Depends how much you wanted for it but I could be tempted. Disclosure, I'd be chopping it in half and reusing the rear triangle

  • That was my thought - remove front 3 tubes and the repair is done in a less scary place?

    PMd re price

  • All the Mk1 Sherpas developed small cracks coming out from the silly crown cut out on the gusset. I doubt most Mk1 owners even noticed and I have seen much worse than that ridden quite a bit. Please do check with Dan Stanton but IIRC he said its not a major issue.

    Edit I also seem to remember Brant at On One arguing that closed gussets were a really bad idea as there was no where for the usage stress to go. Mk2 & Mk3 Sherpas have open gussets without the crown cut outs

  • Hi i can get my friends address if you want to send direct to him to fix let me know.
    Cheers Stu

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Repaired frame possible sale to frame builder - 853 29er

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