• Looking for some help on removing my rear freehub body.

    I have a 2020 Bontrager Affinity Disc rim with a Bontrager 11 speed freehub. For some reason the freehub body will not come off. Despite looking at numerous videos and threads, I cannot figure out how to get the freehub off. It looks like the freehub body is threaded into the hub. Looking for any advice on what to do.

    Have attached pics of the current freehub and replacement one


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  • You’ve tried a big Allen key inside the freehub presumably? That’s how they unscrew normally.

  • Yes, tried an Allen key, but the inside of the freehub is round, so it doesn’t unscrew

  • what size Allen key did you use? they're round at the front but the bit it catches on is down the far end, you can see it on the new one you have.

  • Aren't they normally push fit? I wrap the thing in cloth and use RageFace™ until I tear it off the wheel.

  • Oh, actually this looks like it has internal and external splines. So you need two tools?

  • Stuck a screwdriver though that hole on the disc side and turned?

  • This suggests it could be non-serviceable:


    But the two notches mean you could stick the freehub in a vice and hammer at the notches (in lieu of the proper tool) until it comes apart.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I was looking at your replacement freehub thinking you wanted to open it.

  • This guy is using a spanner to get into those two notches then unscrews it with another socket:

    14mm socket from about 5min mark of video (after removing axle and bearing)

    So maybe it appears round because the bearing is in the way? But there's actually socket notches behind it?

  • https://forum.bikeradar.com/discussion/1­3090280/removing-bontrager-freehub

    "Turns out it's a 14mm and the wheel bearing has to be removed to get the hex key in. Pretty annoying."

  • what a faff - why on earth have they made the hub so hard to service

  • You need to remove the axle and then insert an Allen wrench from the opposite side.

  • Yup, that's the same as with the Giant PR-2 that I have. I haven't got around to it, I probably won't and just bin the wheels or donate to someone willing to do the work.

  • Are you sure the replacement one is the right one? Looks like it has a bearing race (for loose bearings) but the one on the wheel is sealed?

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Seeking advice on how to remove a Bontrager Freehub body

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