SRAM Omnium (BB) doubt

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  • Hi guy, forgive my ignorance but I have a stupid doubt when trying to find a replacement for my BB.

    The original BB comes with this flower-like shield for the non-drive side. Will any other GXP compatible BB come with it? Is that something I need?

    Besides the BB shell measure (68mm for my frame), the thread type (BSA) and the spindle size (24mm), is there anything else I need to check on the BB to make sure it will fit?

    I would like to get a slightly better BB than the original one I had, any recommendations?


  • You need specifically a GXP bb. There are plenty of 24mm BBs which are for shimano cranks (& others) but they will not be compatible because Sram cranks are 24mm on one side and 22mm on the other so the BBs are sized accordingly.
    You need the bearing shield, yes.
    You will get new ones with a new BB.

  • Alright. Thanks for the help.

  • Flower like shield? You mean a wavy washer? You don't get those in BSA GXP bottom brackets, not with the original.
    Either way, just get a SRAM GXP and be done with it.

  • The bearing shield with the slots for the axle splines on the non drive side I think

  • Yeah I just realized that as soon as I posted. There's some after market options I think but normal GXP is fine.

  • The quality of the stock bb isn’t where the problem lies, it’s the whole design of gxp so I doubt there’s much to gain by using an aftermarket bb.

  • I know. I am also not looking for mad gains :)
    It's just that my BB is trashed after god knows how many years of use with no service. And now that I disassembled the bike to build something else, it's time to take care of that. Even the cups are in shit condition.

  • So. I git this Aerozine BB-05 GXP BB.

    But it only comes with the wavey washer and not the "flower" washer... Should I use only the wavey one or take the one from the original Omnium? or both? :D

  • bb

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    • 191225137_180316807330467_1363359671897175349_n.jpg
  • What does it look like from the side? Does it have bearing shields?

  • Drive side

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  • non drive

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  • I don't think you need anything extra. I wouldn't even use the wave washer. Install it, put the crank on and tighten it up and push/pull the arms side to side and if there's no play, you're good. If there is a little play then maybe look at the wavey washer.
    The piece from the original with the spline pattern is just the bearing shield, nothing special about it and the shape doesn't have a functional effect

  • as above. you can dispense of the wavy washer. it goes on the drive side between cranks and plastic part, to keep the plastic part from moving/creaking eventually ( first picture ), but is not necessary
    There can't be no sideways play when the cranks are tightened, as it must squeeze both sides of the steel ring ( second picture ).

  • Alright, guys. Thank you very much for the help. I will not install it right now, once I do I will let you guys know if there is any weird thing going on there :)

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SRAM Omnium (BB) doubt

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