Emergency w/ Rounded Thru axles 02/05

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm frantically looking for bike shops that are open to remove my front wheel but am struggling as it's a Sunday and the only place I've gotten through to is prioritising bookings.

    I was trying to disassemble my bike last night to pack it up fly off for a medical placement in Jersey tomorrow morning, when the thru axle bolt head gave way and rounded - disaster. All pretty last minute as I only just passed my exams and qualified the day before - so only been free to get my bike bag and attempt disassembly in this tight window of time and now feeling a bit screwed!

    Wondering if anyone knows of smaller bike shops that might be open and be able to tackle this? My main hope was SE20 cycles and not getting through to them. Able to drive from SE26

  • I don't know of any open shops I'm afraid but could you attempt it yourself?
    Eg jamming a slightly larger torx bolt in, or as a last resort sawing a slot through the bolt for a screwdriver?

  • Can you not get some pliers or multigrips/vice grips etc on it and get it removed?

    Or is it one of those sunken designs? If it's that, then I'd probably hammer a screwdriver or similar into it and use that to force the bastard out.

  • Oh, also, humour me and check the other side. Some TA bolts have allen key ends on both sides.

  • Vaidas in honour oak park should be open.

  • You could also consider removing the fork instead of the wheel for packing, if your bike bag allows it.

  • Thanks all - so luckily just after this post, SE20 picked up and have had a crack at it

    Tried hammering in T30/T40s but it's really rounded so no dice.
    The reverse of the thru axle was hollow but nothing to get purchase on and unwind - bizarre as I thought that's the point of it

    But SE20 have been heroes, didn't have the tools or time but I picked up what they needed from Screwfix and their owner is going to work on this in the evening after he's finished with his fam - I feel like I'm taking the piss with them!

    Hopefully solved - thanks all!

  • Shop deserves a shout for going the extra mile . Doughnuts in the morning.

  • So alas they fit me in, Win stayed till 1930 on a Sunday eve(!) and tried sawing screw holes, drilling, using the reverse side, heat treatment and WD40, unfortunately none worked and the bike'll have to stay this side of the pond to get welded.

    But, massive shoutout to Win and Joseph at SE20 Cycles - amazing place they got there and clear they care :)

  • but I picked up what they needed from Screwfix

    Link pls.

    My ‘Dad bike’ has just had the same happen…

  • Sorry abroad now and not got them, but the only 3 hits they have for bolt extractors. Tbh I wouldn't recommend them though - forgot the exact mechanical reason but they didn't work - would try easy-off or welding if you can

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Emergency w/ Rounded Thru axles 02/05

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