Are my tubs OK?

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  • My Vittoria tubs have started to grow hairy around the rims. They have been used indoors in a velodrome only, and are around 8 years old - having had relatively modest use over that period. Is something bad happening? Should I replace them? Thanks.

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  • around 8 years old

    That's a pretty long time.

    I'd be checking the glue was still doing it's job, deflate them and try and roll them off the rim.

    There looks to be a bit of a gap between the rim and the base tape so they might have dried out a bit.

  • Thanks - think these might be taped rather than glued. In any case it is probably time for them to be replaced if 8 is getting on a bit.

  • think these might be taped rather than glued.

    Then they shouldn’t ever have been anywhere near a velodrome.

  • How would I tell either way?

  • I reckon it looks glued. Tape is generally tidier, looks like you've put the tyre on the rim to stretch.

    Of course, if the tyre's been glued, removed and redone with tape then....?

  • Thanks - the wheels and tires were brand new and put on by a decent shop so should be OK (rather than re-installed). In any case it sounds like they are due a change. Thanks for the advice.

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Are my tubs OK?

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