Revelate Gas Tank - £30 - SOLD

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  • I would like to upgrade some bits so please buy my old bits. Thank you.

    1] White Industries / Sugino Triple cranks in 170mm - 42/32/22 - £45

    Unused by me - just installed and they are not quite right for the frame. Looks like they have plenty of life in the rings. Threads all good. Good to go.

    2] Middleburn Chainrings - all new

    22t 58 bcd - £20

    42t 94bcd - £30

    UNO 36t 3 /32 - £30

    3] Dynamo wheelset - CL SP PV8 x Sapim CX-RAY x CL DT Swiss 350 x Velocity Aileron (12mm Front x 135mm QR rear - Can be converted I believe) - £30

    Caveat - Dynamo hub I think is knackered / needs a service. Can be serviced at ISON I believe. Rear is fine bit notchy but ok. Bearings could probably do with a service. End caps pop off and I think the 350 can be run w/ an axel.

    4] Garmin Etrex 30 - £75 SOLD

    I think I used this once. Great and easy to use - a pleasure. Comes to handlebar mount and usb cable.

    5] Exposure Toro Battery Light w/ Exposure Redeye - £65

    Really really powerful light - I dont know the Generation sorry. Bought on here a few months ago because I was between dynamo builds. Works really nicely. Well made. Comes w/ wall charger / USB charger and mount for handlebars.

    6] Samsung C27F390 27 Inch Monitor - £60

    Used this maybe twice? Good condition comes boxed.

    Happy to deliver inside the m25 FOC. Postage / paypal is an option - give me a PM to arrange.

  • Garmin Etrex 30 - £75


  • Dibs on the Exposure Toro - will PM you!

  • Undibs! GLWS.

  • dibs monitor.

  • Wheelset 30 quid?! Madness. Tempted with no need

  • Dibs dynamo wheelset, PMing now

  • PM'd re: lights.

  • I'll dibs eTrex if IrPOWERranger doesn't take it

  • All yours, not quite what I'm looking for.

    Thanks though @miro_o

  • Dibs white industries please

  • Dibs Middleburn 42T please...

  • 2nd dibs white ind chainset please!

  • If the sale of the exposure light falls through let me know please.

  • PM’d about wheels

  • Dibs Monitor if previous falls through

  • Second on wheelset please. PM sent

  • I've had about 25 messages re this stuff! Thanks for the interest. So..

    Monitor is gone.
    Etrex is gone.
    Wheelset is gone.
    Cranks is gone
    Lights is gone

    That said - I have not actually put any of these goods in hands yet - so we shall see.
    I should have said in the OP - first with the DM/paypal gets the goods.

  • Everything is sold bar middleburn chainrings.. but Skully might take these. Adding a Revelate Gas Tank - used a few times from new - £30

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  • Yes please!

  • second dibs please


Revelate Gas Tank - £30 - SOLD

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