Genesis flyer build

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  • I always wanted a flyer and figured I’d buy one at some point. They Genesis went and fucked it all up into the abomination it is today.

    Unfortunately sport line was already out of stock in my size but managed to score one at Balfes bikes. Ordered it last I
    Monday and it should be with me on Wednesday.

    A few late night drinks made me think about how I could upgrade it.

    Started digging in my spares box and found
    -3t supperleggera handlebars
    -Sram s900 brake levers
    -16t track cog
    -Berk lupina saddle
    -Ti speedplay pedals
    -Roubaix tape

    Then drank more and bought the following
    -Planet X 50mm tubular wheelset
    -26mm Vittoria corsa tubs
    -3t stem
    -use carbon post

    Parts are slowly coming in and can’t wait to put it together. When my bank balance has recovered it will either get some Pistards or Sugino 75. I’ll probably upgrade the brakes at some point.

    Most people will think this is pointless but I’m having fun.

  • Sounds lovely. Big fan of an ‘upgrade’ project. I have had a 2020 flyer in a shopping basket a number of times over the last few months myself!

  • I could only find one place online with stock in my size and they had 4. Figured I should just pull the trigger

  • ridic but good, which colour/year Flyer?

  • A friend did something similar to a cinelli gazetta last winter, big disc wheels, sporty parts on an otherwise relaxed frame

    He loved it to bits and it was nice to look at

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  • 2020 teal/turquoise

  • I’ll be using this for everything. I will still have the stock wheels for when it’s shit outside.

  • Sounds like an interesting build, love the colour. I'm currently considering a 2020 equilibrium alt frameset (red one), but as one of life's great procrastinators, I'll probably decide when they've all gone.
    Looking forward to build progress.

  • Parts arriving. First time using tubs.

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  • I’m thinking of maybe putting my carbon SMP Forma on. It’s like an armchair.

  • Liking the sound of this - I've got the same model, been using it for commuting for a bit & reckon it would actually be pretty nippy if I knocked a kilo or 2 off it, will probably wait until the current parts start to go & start scouring ebay

  • What motivated the choice of tubs over clinchers?

  • Cheap, very cheap. I did also grab the dura ace/IRD wheelset on here the other day so can use them for audax and still have the stock for when the weather is shit.

  • the dura ace/IRD wheelset

    The all silver ones? That's a nice looking wheelset.

  • Yeah, cheap for what the are but will go for the 50mm tubs when I want to go full hip hop

  • Turned up. Fitted the headset/seatpost/saddle/pedals at work. Will do the rest tonight.

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  • Finished. On my scales at home it comes in at 7.9kg with cage and pedals so around 2kg saved. Front mudguard is shit, rattles because it’s made out of crate paper, will need replacing. I’ll save pictures for my commute as I still need to tidy it up a bit.

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Genesis flyer build

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