• Due to constantly having to change settings between ti and steel, I'm getting a digital machine so i can have pre-saved settings, which means im getting rid of my trusty 160, and thought id see if anyone here wants it before ebay.

    Im selling it as a bundle, with CK torch, upgraded ck hoses, upgraded "US spec" foot pedal and a box of CK gas lenses, as this is the set up ive honed in on over 200 or so frames that works best with this machine, so can confidently say it will build any bike you fancy, in any material that is stuck together with electric. Also comes with uprated regulators to help save unecessary argon waste.

    I still use it daily and it has never let me down, and is still fully supported by r tech, do a quick google of their customer service for piece of mind.

    Would like £750 for the lot, would be over £1400 new for everything, although machine isnt available for a month or so.

    Here is link for welder, and have added some photos of things it has melted.


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  • And some ti.

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  • If I hadn’t have bought the digital DC one myself a couple of weeks ago I’d have been all over this.
    I still don’t know how to use it yet mind.
    Dibs your next apprenticeship :)

  • Oi, get in line...

  • I can assure you all that you dont want to work here 😅.

    Photo of actual welder in situ so you know im not pulling a bait and switch.

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  • I held off for as long as possible going digi as the analogue knobs are less likely to go wrong, but if you are going to be swappinb between materials I think the digi is going to add a lot to quality of life.

    Did you go DC only or AC/DC?

  • I liked the look of digital because the analogue dials didn’t have clear increments from what I could see and I thought it would be a good idea to know exactly what settings I’m using while learning.
    I would have liked AC/DC but I only really plan on making steel things for the foreseeable so I went DC to save money

  • Welding aluminium is a right PITA anyway.

  • ac isn't worth getting until you need it, good choice.

  • If buying new is the price difference that much?

    Second hand, is the difference that much or just more desirable.

  • The rtech machines are double the price for the equivalent AC/DC.

    The one Matt is selling here is £150 more than he’s selling it for here, before the CK torch and all the extras. Real good value

  • Was going to make a point about welding Ali, then I've never welded structural Ali.

    Oh and don't lend your welder to anyone. Mine is still broken and needs a new board.

  • Wish I had the money,


  • Have no idea, think it is 15 years since I bought and used AC/DC welder and how long since I did any welding as my mig welder was nicked.

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R tech 160 amp acdc tig welder bundle for sale. £750

Posted by Avatar for coldharbour @coldharbour