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  • We have a view out of the front of our house we love and massive new wall in our extension we want to fill. When I looked at large prints me canvasses for images of the Peak District it occurred maybe I could get something made of our view for a similar price.
    Enter the forums @AlexD

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  • One snowy bright morning I managed to capture the sunrise colours and figured these would work with the blue and white of our new kitchen.

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  • There were a few bits on my photos Alex couldn’t make out so my son and I took a trip round the view a took close ups and did a few sketches. He got quite into this and it’s now something we do regularly on walks or rides

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  • And after a few drafts and changes to colours here we are, being checked by Alex ready to send

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  • Really enjoyed working on this, Oli!
    I’ll admit to finding going to pick up an A0 sized print of something I’ve done a little nerve-wracking 😁

    It’s a fantastic view (dibs etc) and hopefully I’ve done it justice.

  • Beautiful view. Where are you in the peaks?

  • We live in Marple so outside the Peak District but on a hill facing it. If you hang out of the window we can just see kinder peeping over the Mellor hills, and this view is looking towards Cown Edge if you know the area.

    Fun fact. The trees on the right have an ancient burial mound and archeological site in the middle that’s all walled off and no access. I find it crazy how ancient people lived on top of these hills, it’s pretty exposed up there!

  • Oh I love Marple. We’re in Whaley but quite often walk the dogs up the canal as far as the locks at Marple.

    I can’t work out what hill your view is and it’s annoying me.

  • Hah it annoyed me for a while when we moved in, I had to go up there in the end to work it out properly. This map images shows the area of the view- its brown low on the right which is worth a walk, especially if you park at the Hare and Hounds and mill brow and have a drink and nibble after (pork scratchings to cry over). The ones on the left are the top of the wood above etherow reservoir which has crazy downhill trails through it and Farmer John’s Mtb next to it.
    If you walk the bit of canal above brabyns park/ tennis club near lock 7 you can basically see this view over the wall on your right.

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  • Needs more H O L L Y W O O D letters on it IMO

  • Haha yeh especially given that I work in sunny Hollinwood where a scrap metal dealer put up a giant sign which then blew down and closed the motorway.

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  • Ha ha. I remember that. What a prong.

  • Took me 2 hours to get home that day! I think that was the day I finally gave up driving to work

  • Finally done after a few false starts with the framers

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  • That's so good. @AlexD top work

  • Brill! They dun a nice framing job on it.

    Thanks again for letting me get my crayons out for you :-D

  • I still love this image, especially now it has cherry fairy lights. I now sit in this room a lot more. Might even paint the sodding walls one day

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  • I liked the artwork so much I now have a skateboard by Alex too. Need the cool kid down the road to sort me some wheels and do the grip tape

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  • Really enjoyed doing this. Maybe ask him to do a fancy, patchwork grip tape job, so you can see more of the hot pink top ply?

  • Yeh definitely needs to show some pink. Maybe 3 patches lengthwise or cut outs running across? I think he’s quite an arty guy so sure we’ll work it out

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Artwork by Alex

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