Rourke (and now Rourke v2)

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  • Hi I’m pretty new here but I bought a lovely Rourke frame from @Mikenetic

    I wasn’t sure I had the skills to build it myself but found someone local to do it. Here it is part way through the build

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  • looking pretty good so far!

  • Lovely bike, nice castle, keep the pics coming

  • Nice to see it coming together, looks like it'll be a pretty light build too.

  • First ride, I’m still getting used to it as I haven’t ridden a bike like this before but it’s great to ride. These pedals are only temporary and will be replaced with something more appropriate.

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  • classy looking bike that!
    it might be worth looking into a bike fit at some point if you've not ridden a road bike before.
    for starters you might find the saddle more comfortable if it's closer to horizontal rather than pointing upwards.
    also, cross chaining (running the chain on the big cog at the front and big cog at the back, but also applies to small small) can increase wear on your drivetrain.

  • Cross chaining is correct for a photo, mind.

  • Yes I might well get a bike fit at some stage but in the meantime I have levelled the seat a bit.

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  • Very nice!

  • Absolute ripper. Love it

  • Blackheath/Greenwich Park? Nice bike! :)

  • Yes Blackheath/Greenwich, thanks!

  • Nice! Like a bike with a bell.

  • So I ended up going for a bike fit as I was having a bit of knee pain. She made some adjustments that I hope will improve things. She also recommended swapping my 110mm Enve stem for a 90mm stem and flipping it to give 7 degrees of rise. Also she recommended swapping the bars (3T carbon 44 cm) for 40cm ones with less reach and less drop.

    I'm thinking of going for these bars which would seem to fit the requirements­ized/S-Works-Carbon-Shallow-Bend-Road-Ha­ndlebar/5JGQ

    I like the look of the Enve stem so would be inclined to get the 90mm version which can be flipped to give 6 degrees of rise rather than her recommendation of 7 degrees but I presume that difference will be negligable.

    If anyone has any other recommendations for bars/stems to look at they would be gratefully received.

  • who did you use for bike fit?

  • Velophysio (Nichola Roberts)

  • So so have a new Rourke project. I have bought a slightly smaller frame that I think will suit me better. I got it resprayed by Mario Vaz

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  • There are two forks because it was

    "Sold with original Deda fork (max. 25mm tyre) and a Columbus Futura which will take 28/30s."

    So the question is should I get different wheels and run 28/30s rather than the 25s I am currently running?

    Currently using these wheels.

  • Nice new Rourke, why do you need new wheels to run bigger tyres?

  • Rim specs are as follows:
    Inner rim width: 18mm
    Outer rim width: 22mm
    So I imagined that they best suited 25mm tyres but maybe they would be ok with 28s?

    If so which are the forum recommended tan wall 28s?

  • Specialized Turbo Cottons I believe are the forum fave tan wall… is Rourke 1 for sale if the fit is off? What size is it?

  • The Rourke v1 (in Evoque gloss black) is the one from this thread, geometry is listed there. It will be for sale sometime in the future when the new one is built up.

  • Is the new one stainless steel 953?

  • Yes it is indeed

  • I think turbo cottons have been superceded these days. Probably some sort of Vittoria Corsa or something from Veloflex

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Rourke (and now Rourke v2)

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