Can a 1 inch steerer be put on a 1 1/8 inch fork

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  • Im in need of a 1 inch threadless fork in steel, preferably with rack mounts and i haven't yet come across one apart from the Stridsland barnacle, but that wont be out for a good few months, could i get a 1 1/8 fork like a surly disc trucker and have the steerer taken off and replaced with a 1 inch threadless one, and would anyone know where i could get this done, thanks.

  • It could be done. It'd be cheaper to get a 1" fork made to measure though.

  • You could probably find a 1inch threadless fork, like an old surly steamroller and get all the braze ons you need.

  • Inverse shim

  • If you’re looking at the barnacle fork, would this be for 26” wheels?

    I ended up buying this. It cost about £30 posted. It’s 1” threadless.

    I’ll update with the link when I find it­ork-v-brake-amp-disc-mount-1-25-4mm-stee­rer-260mm-ahead-threadless-bbp2213001?se­arch=Fork%2026

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  • Best and cheapest way to achieve what you want.

  • you are an absolute legend they look great, and are cheap, will have to get myself some, thank you so much!

  • can i also ask what kind of tyre clearance you get from them ?

  • I was in the same position but these never came up in any searches. Someone else on here linked me to them actually - can’t remember who. They’re not the prettiest of forks, but I couldn’t find any other 1” disc forks anywhere other than the barnacle.

    I’ve not actually put them on a bike yet - got a frame inbound that they’ll go on. The axle to crown is about 400mm if that helps. If I remember, I’ll pop a wheel in them tomorrow and get a photo.

  • yeah i've been searching eBay and google for so long and nothing appropriate came up. They cant be worse than the forks i've got on at the moment and they're going to clean up my threadless to threaded adapter disaster of a cockpit. Thanks a lot, my current ones will only fit a 25, so even a 28 would be much better.

  • They’re basically 26” mountain bike forks so they’ll have plenty of clearance for 26” wheels. I did try a 650b wheel with a 47mm tyre on it as it happened to be at hand - that was fine, with clearance for mud.

  • Here’s the fork with 650 / 47mm in it.

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  • I almost forgot - there is another option, just fairly spendy!

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  • Thanks for the tyre picture !

    I saw that fork but didn’t think it was quite appropriate for my beater bike or my wallet, would look sexy af though.

  • It’s basically exactly what I want, really. Why don’t they do it in steel, but for £50?!

    What bike is this for, by the way?

  • Yeah I know, I’d be all over it !

    It’s for my 1986 Raleigh quasar conversion, I’m tired of the look from the threadless adapter and I hate working on threaded headsets. Also a disc brake would be a very nice addition.

  • (Raleigh Quasar!)
    For a threadless fork, how much steerer do you need for the frame you have?

  • Oh, so it’s for a 700c wheel? Will that axle-to-crown measurement be right? I think the same website also sells a 700c version of that fork.

  • Yeah the axle to crown on my current fork is like 368 and that fork is 395 so it will be perfect, I want a higher fork with more clearance anyway

  • Ah ok cool. I think fancy ti fork might be a bit long if it makes you feel any better - it’s about 425mm or something like that.

    Did you ever investigate getting a steerer swapped on a fork, by the way? I want to know how much it would be out of interest, but I’ve barraged my friendly local frame builder with so many questions without spending any money I’m a bit hesitant to ask him anything else 😄

  • No I didn’t, but from what I have researched I imagine a full custom steel fork would be cheaper than a steerer swap, and would also allow more customisation, i think a fork may be a few hundred pounds

  • Have you looked at eXotic?

    Very particuylar aesthetic but they come in 1", 26" or 700c, disc or canti, or both. Sometimes not all sizes in stock.­0&t=0&rb=01&

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Can a 1 inch steerer be put on a 1 1/8 inch fork

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