• Good ride while it lasted

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  • Great work looking after that downed rider guys, looked nasty.

  • Tuesday was terrible for usual Eid parking related reasons (must start putting it in my diary to avoid), but yesterday I think was the busiest I've ever seen it.

    Even outside the park I saw a crash by Broadcasting House as a group ahead of me stopped for a ped crossing and a girl just ploughed into the back of them as I think she was chatting and not paying attention.

  • Good ride while it lasted

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    Who’s that with mismatched socks and forum jersey? My eyes!

    Sorry to hear about a rider down. Hope all ok

  • Great spin this morning with you two. Will hopefully get the track bike back from the shop soon to rock up for silly chat laps.

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  • With the massive Love-Handles?
    It can only be one...

    Good ride @HoKe and @PhilDAS.

    New Schedule reflected in Thread title.

  • Starting 26/7/21.
    Tuesday- Faster
    Thursday- Chatty
    Friday- 3 laps Richmond (mid way between)

    Sprints on Tuesday included.
    Ride what you got.
    Kit if you can.

    Meeting point:
    Regent's Park:
    Royal College of Physicians.
    Richmond Park:
    Roehampton Gate

  • I live very near Regent’s Park and would love to join one of these days. What time do these rides start - am I right in thinking it’s 7? I may get down there next week…

  • Yup 7am. (I sometimes turn up a little earlier to warm up).
    Its not the ideal time pre-clinical work, but it serves a nice balance in terms of getting up.

  • Nice, didn't know about this happening. Might be up for it. Need to uninstall brakless.

  • I'll be in the park tomorrow, geared bike though.
    Not sure yet whether my usual gang are attending or whether I'll be free to join you lot but will post here if I am

  • Will be in kit, on gears, at RCP at 0700.
    Thursday will be on fixed.
    Not feeling great currently though so won't be at any great speed I expect.

  • I'm not in the office until 10 tomorrow so I won't be in the park until about 8:30 in afraid

  • It looks like no-one will be- if thats the case I'll go ride my morning lanes route out Surrey way instead...
    (please let no one be keen- I love that route).

  • Ace- I’m going west (as in no laps today).
    See y’all Thursday.

  • .

  • Cool, thanks, I might make it down there next week!

  • Lonely laps this morning- but good to meet you @Biggles567- amazing bike.

  • Late night working, plus the wind this morning was very off putting for moi. Apologise will try harder next week.

  • Weather looks dire tomorrow- I'll be on the turbo.

  • I'll be taking advantage of the good weather after work round Richmond park, club kitting if anyone wants some chat speed company.

  • Nice to meet you too! Ill be out on Tuesday for sure will shout if i see you guys :)

  • Laps on Thursday.
    Tomorrow I have to cover a shift.

  • Laps with BCC today, spotted someone in forum jersey/skinsuit on a pink bike this morning at regents.

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DOT CC (ACTUAL) Laps: Tuesday 'Fast'/ Thursday 'Chat' Regents Park. Friday Richmond Park

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