• so hot right now

  • @HoKe didnt realise you could ride on the loose stuff ;)

  • I'll be heading down to Richmond Park tomorrow morning for a couple of laps. @lowbrows I'll keep an eye out for you

  • Friday Richmond for me- @HoKe will be out there tomorrow I hear.

  • Oh yeah, it even says it in the thread title. Thought it was Thursday for some reason.

    I'll try and do a Regents Park Tuesday some time soon too

  • Definitely a lot colder this morning compared to Tuesday morning. Hopefully you lot will have a more luck with the weather tomorrow in Richmond.

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  • Still not got any wheels so not sure if I’ll be out or not.

  • Anyone out tomorrow morning?

  • Not me this week. Had my vaccination before the weekend and was in bed until today. Still not quite right, so will be taking things easy for a day or two. Will be there next week though.

  • I’m working sadly.
    Have a call at 7.

  • Did not check or updated the thread, apologies.

    Was there this morning on the tarck bike with low winds and sun! (Will be there again hopefully for Thursday if not Friday subject to weather and winds)


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  • Looked at the 1° temp at 5.30 and immediately decided an after work ride might be more pleasant. Will do at least one morning this week

  • Anyone welcome to turn up to these? Keen for Regents next time it's happening.

  • Yes, And (@HoKe) I will be there at some point. Work is just killing me at the moment.

  • Still waiting on a part to allow me to ride the bike.
    Will probably go for a ride in the afternoon instead on the gravel thing.
    I promise from May to make every Tues/ most fridays where it is not pissing it down.

  • The park was shit this morning. Traffic seems to have increased in both directions. Lots of overtakes with nowhere to go followed by being squashed into the side when the car mid overtake meets another one coming head on

  • It was fucking bonkers- just got back from 3 laps. Misery inducing.
    I have an alternative loop we can try next Friday.
    Somewhere around 56minutes for my 3 laps.
    Hello to the other 2 fixed riders- chrome bike with disc front and absurd sized Chainring, and steel frame going clockwise -if you're on here.

  • this?

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  • 62/17 ^

  • I've seen you a few times! I'm usually repping in my forum jersey, and you always overtake me.

  • not me. i am not that strong

  • Hah ok - mystery man, or on here?

    Wears a cap, single speed and pushing a biggie. Always struck me as a forumenger

  • My knees ache just looking at that chainring

  • My knees just ache

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DOT CC (ACTUAL) Laps: Tuesday 'Fast'/ Thursday 'Chat' Regents Park. Friday Richmond Park

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