• Starting 26/7/21.
    Tuesday- Faster
    Thursday- Chatty
    Friday- 3 laps Richmond (mid way between)

    Sprints on Tuesday included.
    Ride what you got.
    Kit if you can.

    Meeting point:
    Regent's Park:
    Royal College of Physicians.
    Richmond Park:
    Roehampton Gate

  • Are the Tuesday mornings meant to be fixed, or does it not matter? I did some longer miles on the Burls yesterday and fit isn’t quite as dialled in as I’d thought, so want to be careful not to do any proper efforts on it until sorted.

  • I don’t care but will be fixed. Cos it’s a bit of fun...
    My lungs aren’t dialled!

  • OK, I’ll be geared this week.

    Meeting point?

  • Will also be up for a few laps in the morning. See you there

  • I seem to have stripped my rear hub. Which is undoubtedly through a hasty change in sprocket size, and a sick skid just to prove I still could.
    I even went to condor yesterday to buy some new wheels but thought it could wait.
    Out. Apologies.

  • Ha. I’ll stop waiting then

  • Yeah was a bit of a surprise, and a minor fall. Enjoy.

  • Not sure I went to the right spot. Did a couple of clockwise laps to look for a forum jersey but no luck. Nice morning for it though

  • Few forum spot this morning, did clockwise to avoid the choppers pushing for their PB.

    Good speaking to you Tom!

  • Saw one or two out. Also going clockwise

  • Sorry I missed you Luke. Waited until 5 past, joined the Chopper’s Chaingang for a couple of laps, remembered how bad the riding is at RP and excused myself.

    Lovely to chat with @HoKe on his beautiful Look briefly.

    Hope you’re ok @lowbrows and not too banged up. I won’t be shouting doaskid at you anytime soon.

  • Have just checked my Strava and I was indeed late so totally my fault

    Spotted @HoKe on that incredible L96

  • Thought I may have spotted @Dick rolling out with a group too. Strava confirms

  • Yaaa - saw Ho!
    Actually rear ended a guy who I thought was you @LukeG and had to apologise when it wasn’t or maybe it was?!

  • Yep I saw @Hoke out too. Also some phenomenal custom Rapha team kit + squeaky chain riding.

  • Haha, no my back wheel remained untroubled this morning. Wasn’t totally sure it was you as I didn’t spot the 2.5” tractor tyres

  • Won't be able to make Friday at Richmond on friday (shooting for wiggle that morning)

    Will be there on Thursday if anyone will be up for more chat laps.

  • Literally so many watts when you zoom past me! XD

  • shooting for wiggle that morning

    Boast post

  • Nah i took it out for a spin yesterday lunch but have parked the 60mm nobbles for now. So. Much. Effort. Anything 35kph plus is like death.
    Tarmac time.

  • Haha - I only clocked you when I was stopped at the end there!

  • Do you even model bro?

  • In my spare time I guess:

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DOT CC (ACTUAL) Laps: Tuesday 'Fast'/ Thursday 'Chat' Regents Park. Friday Richmond Park

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