Mayoral Elections - who’s best for cyclists

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  • It's a little post-apocalyptic.

    Not that it would necessarily be a bad thing, of course.

  • Hmmm, isn't that only because one of the visual devices they use in films of a post-apocalyptic world is a lack of cars?

    It's actually pretty hard to imagine a world without cars that doesn't feel a bit end of days. Most visualisations of the future rather than remove cars turns them into something else, flying cars or whatever. But actually the future might just be more people walking about, like 200 years ago.

  • Anyway, held my nose and voted for Sadiq/Labour. 2nd choice Count Binface

  • I did all Green and 1x Binface, at least I get to moan about whoever gets in.

  • Mayor: Berry then Khan
    Assembly member: Leonie Cooper (Labour) - Merton & Wandsworth
    Assembly list: Green

    Labour only just shaved the 2016 London Assembly member election for Merton & Wandsworth (as a gain from Tories). I'd like to vote Green all the way but I'd rather not split the non-Tory vote.

  • Lord bin head for the win over the lesser candidates.

  • Looks close at the moment - 39% Khan, 37% Bailey, according to the BBC.

    I'm guessing that it will go to second round, and that way more people have Khan as a second choice.

  • That can’t be right - it would mean Lawrence Fox only got 24%.

  • That can’t be right - it would mean Lawrence Fox only got 24%.

    24k votes. 1.9%­m3j9mt/london-elections-2021

  • 150k votes for green and lib dem, I'd guess 90,% of those are going to khan. It's a feature, not a big of the London gla voting system...

  • Is there anything that can be gleaned from Piers Corbyn being both the most left wing candidate and brother of Jeremy, gaining such a low share of the vote? Considerably lower than a comedian dressed as an intergalactic dustbin.

  • That the intergalactic dustbin candidate talks more sense?

  • Everyone knows he's fucking mental?

  • You're suggesting everyone carefully weighed up the policies of each candidate before deciding who to vote for?

  • Is he left wing? I don't know as I didn't read anything as his mask and pandemic business was enough.

  • Not sure that using the term mental is correct.

  • Truth, did lord bin face beat the racists ukipers et al?

  • 'Leftwing' is probably one of the last things I'd describe Piers Corbyn as. I skipped his page in the booklet, but irrespective of whether he has 'leftwing' policies, they're undoubtedly not his main focus and completely overshadowed by his conspiracy theories.

  • Also anti LtN and bike lanes

  • Hi everyone. I'm in Weeley ( honest) it's not far from Clacton. I ride into the two leisure clubs 20 miles away on my fixie. Loving it.

  • My new edition

  • My new edition

  • Clacton is great. Walton is better

  • Welcome, @Weeleyfixie. Have you found the Essex sub-forum yet?

    There are some threads there where you can say hello, but there's also the general Welcome thread:­96/

    Enjoy the forum!

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Mayoral Elections - who’s best for cyclists

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