36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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  • How’s it going now? Did you manage to keep going?

  • Side opinion. I'd spend that powermeter money on a bikefit from an expert.

  • @Tallboy It's going ok, my right knee has recovered for my left knee to impload. I've managed 11km this morning before it flaired up again so had a warm bath and then a cold bath. I'm battling om but it's frustrating when you're riding for 20minutes and aan injury flairs it up.

    @skinny I've contacted a few local bike fitters and all i got back was they're super busy and they'll get back to me when they have availability. No suggestions of when, i did tell them about the challenge in hope i might get bumped up the queue.

    Being on day 99, i think my body has changed so much and issues/injuries are inevitable. Going from concussion to itb issues in my right knee and now patella tendon issues in my left, feels a lot like hitting my head against a wall. My GF helps with pnf stretches in order to lengthen the muscles.

    I'm glad i chose doing 36,500km in 365days over 100km a day, as this means I can rest with injuries and then slowly catch up. The frustrating thing is that mentally all I want to do is ride my bike but my joints aren't enjoying that.

  • If it helps Phil Burt who used to work for team GB does remote bike fits using video and a zoom call. Whether that might help I don’t know? When I asked he had availability almost immediately

  • I'll give him a shout as the local ones have been terrible at getting back to me. I mean even trying to book in one for when they are free is testing. I work in construction so I'm used to quick answers so can't understand why people don't respond when it's their business.

    Anyway, we (my GF) has worked out part of the knee issue. It's because I don't use my hamstrings at all, they're very weak. So I'm currently working on this and it seems to help. Sounds mental for most of you, but I'm hugely quad dominant in my pedal stroke so 102 days of this challenge has shown the muscle growth but the loss in hamstring strength.

  • Hah I’m the same, I think I tore my hamstring so many times it gave up trying. I didn’t use Phil in the end as my physio sorted my issue but he’s a proper bike fit nerd and been doing it 20 years maybe unlike some guys

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36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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