36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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  • Absolutely colossal effort - can't quite get my head around the logistics let alone the effort required!

    Nearly there!!!

  • 990km

    Get yourself on a velodrome and knock that out in a day or so. :D

  • Let's all knock one out to show solidarity!

  • well, this isn't a bad idea (perhaps only for the last 200 to avoid complete madness and loss of gravity)....would work AF if there are people watching you and at the very end a massive party is on!

  • Joel. This is amazing. I can only imagine that you are running on pure adrenaline at the moment. I hope the weather stays fine, the wind is always on your back and that the virus keeps well away from you. Really looking forward to hearing of your successful conclusion to this totally bonkers but absolutely brilliant challenge. And huge congratulations on the fund raising. That is really impressive.

  • Done.

    As an aside, anyone know the best way to dry out a laptop?

  • Reminded I hadn't yet donated. Sorted now.


  • This is incredible, what an inspiration! Well done and all the best for the last leg.

  • ^ Crazy. Time to join the pro tour!

    @Norfolkbound what's your estimate of time taken?
    Richie has a 31kph average...

  • Disclaimer I have done a decent chunk on the turbo due to weather/time etc

    As it stands - 35,510km over 1141 hours so 31.12kph my climbing is very low in comparison though. The flat lands of Norfolk are favourable for speed and kms.

    Thanks everyone, I'm definitely going to enjoy the last few days of this challenge now and I'm feeling pretty proud of this. I'm glad I was bold with the size of this challenge.

    I need to remember my own words though... Stupid slip on the ice this morning, thanks non gritted quiet country lanes.

  • Pros would also do a substantial amount of that in bunches, with people carrying their spare kit and some motorpacing so... cheating basically.

  • Basically pro are doing a job, they get paid for doing the pedal thing. so no comparison can work here.

  • There's also that. It's a lot easier to bust out a 30,000km year when you don't have a 9 to 5!

  • Been following this for ages, so finally time to sort a donation to CALM. Absolutely incredible effort, almost there!

  • Yeah, no one works 9-5 in the UK. But it sounds cooler than saying "day job" or "office hours"

    and I think we should all take a minute to thank Dolly for that.

  • I think we should all take a minute to thank Dolly for that

    Didn't you already do that earlier?

  • and thus was born the 5000th euphemism for feeding the chooks

  • I like this idea, maybe a 36.5km ride or even 3.65km

  • Would totally do this in solidarity with you for your amazing effort. Would be an honor

  • Donated. Like many others on this thread I'm in awe of your grit and determination in pushing this challenge through to completion

  • Thank you. Grit and determination sum up this challenge very well.

    On another note, I've used the challenge elite xp tyres since the 29th of December. They've been utterly useless in comparison to GP5000s, I've had 6 puntures with the front tyre. Eventually I'll go tubeless but I'm swapping between road and gravel tyres regularly so I'll need another set of wheels for this.

  • Edit; Wrong thread 🤦🏼♂️
    @Norfolkbound I’m in awe, great going so far and enjoy some time off in a weeks time!

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36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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