36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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  • Fat Cat to Fat Cat along the coast, stopping at Aldeburgh for chips?

    Mind you, starting at a pub might not be the smartest move ( for me at least).

  • A years riding for a Brick pizza? Sounds fair! Epic fella, just EPIC! It’s only a short trip to the market ;)

  • Born and bred bor!

  • I think it's 12km from my house though, I'll probably have a minimum of 4 pints and then see how hammered I am because I've barely drank this year

  • Slow yew down bor...

  • Amazing effort so far! Much respect!
    And thank you for also sharing this part of the challenge

  • Don't drink.

    I'm deep into day 4 of my hangover of lethargic, unmotivated doom.

  • 4 day hangover sounds rough, some celebrations will be had but not enough to warrant a 4 day hangover lol

  • For those who are interested I've got a running list of things I've gotten through this year. My wheels and rear derailleur are currently getting close to be changed, the derailleur will be ordered as i have a lot of lateral movement in the cage. According to the park tool video it needs replacing, I've tried to service it e.g checking all bolts are tight but it's making a lot of noise as it goes up the gears.

    I should of called it reasons why i don't have a full house deposit or reasons why i swear at my bike

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  • some celebrations will be had but not enough to warrant a 4 day hangover lol

    We'll see..

  • I'm so glad I don't have a list like this. It would make me sad. moneygun.gif

  • I've done it for the purpose of this challenge but I will delete it once complete as it's the most depressing thing. What makes it worse is that I've forgotten to include the wahoo bolt that I broke on the list.

    Thinking about the beers will get me through the last days in January

  • With the rear mech, don’t plan on changing it, just do it. Both times I’ve had one go it’s been on the day before it was going to be changed. 1st one was just a new hanger and a scratch on the bb. The other was a new wheel as well!

  • I'm starting to recover from the knee pain which is great, swapping position/bikes from the commute to evening ride seems to help. I've been doing more zwift than i like but it's good for the consistency, not as much pushing off at junctions which seems to be where I'm in most pain. A physio for a GF is the most handy thing though :) we do a lot of PNF stretching which helps to lengthen my quads as they're getting pretty tight which is causing the issue.

    Anyway sunrise rides are cool

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  • Great news. Is it time for you to append days remaining and Km remaining to your posts on here?

  • Also only two tubes of Chamois Creme?

  • I'm currently on day 249 with 11,622km to go, I'm roughly 50km up.

    Yes 2 tubs, I went about 3 months without using it.

  • .

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  • About right, I can't remember why I did it

  • Donated just now. This is a great cause and I hope you make your target. Have you contacted press at all as I’m sure they would be interested, whether locally or nationally, and it would no doubt promote your cause further. The Cycling Podcast sometimes cover these kinds of things so it might be worth reaching out to them as they have a pretty huge audience by now. Apologies if you’ve already discussed this.

    As an aside, I’d set myself a year target of 10,000km and I’m currently at 9,750 so I should hit 10k by the end of this week, and 13,000 by the end of the year. The idea of doing basically triple that around a full-time job and all sorts of other commitments is mind boggling. I salute you

  • Thank you. I've been meaning to contact the local press for ages now, I didn't want to at the start because of the risk of failure but now I'm approaching 100 days left. It will definitely help to promote the cause and could be good to get more local coverage (currently googling contacts info).

    I think 10,000km for a year is a great goal as it takes a lot of regular riding to achieve it and it's too large of a amount to have a good summer and get it done. Thanks it's going to get harder in the coming weeks as I will have 2 dogs to fully look after too so this will remove by 40minutes of chill time after dinner before bed..

  • I've been meaning to contact the local press for ages now

    I might be able to help with this. Will PM you.

  • To update you, yesterday I was on day 254 at 25,451km. Last week I managed 706km which I was pleased with and I'm planning on taking Friday off to get back to being over 100km up. I did a good ride yesterday afternoon so I'm feeling back to normal post Further East.

    I'm finding this part of the challenge odd as there's obviously a few months to go but I'm in a position that I feel it's achievable. I'm also planning what I want to do next year, one trip will be a weekend trip to Holland and cycling the length of the country. Ferry after work on Friday from Harwich and one back on Sunday night ready to be at work on Monday. Who's in??

  • Sounds like fun! Pre-fatherhood I would have loved to do that but a bit harder to plan nowadays...

    I understand what you say about it being hard psychologically now. You're at the stage of having essentially cracked it but, because of the scale of the thing, it is still a hell of a long way to go in actual km and hours. I recall feeling a bit similar one level down in scale at the end of long rides: on my first PBP when I tried to ride the last 300km on a couple of croissants, and TCR, when I felt I didn't need to pedal any more and could just walk the last 80km.

    I've not done any 600km audaxes for a few years as, for me, the second day is always a real anti-climax, when I have all day to ride 200-and-a-bit km slowly when I am tired and sore. It's not a major challenge to do it but it still needs to be done to seal the deal.

    Having other mini-challenges on the way might be the best way. Your Dutch trip is a good one. And anything else that distracts from the big picture.

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36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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