36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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  • If your srs and want to do it let me know. I can put in a word

  • I'm serious, it works logistically for me that weekend too. If you could then that would be amazing as it would be a good insight into those races for me and whether i'd like to take part post 365

  • Done. But I don't think it will be that good and insight, its a 24h sprint, so not much fun.

  • Thank you, hopefully I can get a place but granted I can see it being a smash fest... It will add something for me to focus on over the next few weeks though. The 5am start in the middle of nowhere isn't that appealing though :)

  • I've been riding an alu MTB around for yonks with a bigger fold in it than that in the top tube and the Cuntster (Crackster) has been my pub bike for years with the cracked seattube junction.

    I did ride a 300k audax with a zip tie holding the front of my bike on once with a cracked downtube though so erm we may have different levels of risk acceptance. :)

    If you're worried can you not just wack a longer seatpost in until you can get it sorted?

  • "22 Days" by Nick Sanders.

  • Hello Hippy, how was your trip?

    It's all sorted now, Isen were great and swapped my frame and completed the insurance quote which was paid out the same day so I'm currently riding a new Isen which is lovely with a replacement being made. It was a few days or worrying but that was mainly having the excitement of completing LEJOG wiped away by what seemed like a bad situation. (I was being dramatic)

  • @skinny @hippy what insurance do I need for those racers? Does the normal 3rd party cover this, I have Laka for my bike and the club membership for public liability.

  • nhs

  • Ah, yeah, I see that was weeks ago.

    I had my first DNF. Picked up a cold, had a few mechanicals. None of them stopped me but my pace was so far removed from what it should've been that I pulled the pin after riding CP5 parcours, so I could still get back on the train without creating a massive logistically issue with Covid tests and trains and flights. So, I'm beating myself up for the rest of the year until I achieve some other goal or drink enough to forget the issues.
    Entered a 10mi for some LOLs https://twitter.com/firsthippy/status/14­32653402018828288

  • It's local so probably not much. It's the international ones that need mountain rescue shit from Snow Card, Dogtag, etc.

  • https://frthr.co/east ?

    This I like:

    There is a no drive policy at FURTHER EAST.

    Do not park anywhere near the start and finish.

  • It's a good policy but it making it difficult to actually get there, 5am start so there's little options for me. Probably a train to Cambridge after work on Thursday and then a ride to the start and will sleep close or I can ride to my uncles who lives in Exning and then ride 20 miles there in the morning....

    I'm in anyway, I'm just waiting on more information. I'm slightly worried I glazed over some details when signing up last night, oh well

  • Ride the evening before and sleep in tent or bivi

  • It's 60 miles from my house so that'll work out nicely and the transponder needs to be collected the night before too

  • It's a good policy but it making it difficult to actually get there

    *All*You*Need*Is*a*Bike* :)

  • policy but it making it difficult to actually

    *terrible English by me but yes

  • My tyre choice for Further East, not sure if big enough or grippy enough but oh well let's see how they do. I'm actually going to run them as tubeless (currently a tubeless virgin) so hopefully that should help with puntures. I was tempted to keep my 650bs but the tyres are GK slicks which aren't great when cornering, also they were way too close to the NDS chainstay so i couldn't get anything bigger or knobblier in there

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  • They are very good tyres. You’ll struggle a bit in any proper mud, but they are very good in dry and damp conditions.

  • What are they like OTR? If i set them up as tubeless i'll probably keep them for my normal riding but if they're terrible slow then i'll run them tubed and swap to GP5000s once I've done the EAST

  • They’re pretty good on the road, but they are definitely an off road tyre, so you won’t get a lot of kilometres out of them if you’re mainly doing tarmac surfaces.

    I should add that for a cyclocross tyre they are very quick on the road, but I wouldn’t use them if I was going for a road only Strava segment.

  • Set up for Further East, I've packed a fair bit of food so let's see how it goes. I've got a 55mile ride to the start after work so it'll give me time to see how it rides. It was good on the commute this morning.

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  • Good luck!

  • How do you have time to clean your bike to this standard with all your miles? 😆

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36,500km in 365 days - Cycling Against Living Miserably

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