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  • So this popped up for sale locally for not too much money. My kid have been youtubeing School bus conversion videos for a while now that has led to some day dreaming and chin stroking so we took this as a sign to just go for it.

    It´s a Scania Vabis from 1964, some previous owner has used it as a race depot van/race car transport and installed a caravan kitchen, sofas, table and a shower.

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  • Some more pictures

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  • Great, What are your plans-Use some of what's already fitted or strip and start anew ?

  • That's ace - always love the conversion projects on YT

    What are you going to be doing to it?

  • Get George Clarke involved.. Tha Ees Genius, such a great space

  • Superb. Sub'd.

  • Cheers! We have already started to strip it down. The old chip board had some damp spots and the shower floor and walls smell of mold.

    The plan is to
    -remove the old insulation and plastic mat, add new breathable insulation (wool, cellulose or flaxfibre) then wooden walls and ceiling.
    -build a sleeping area in the back
    -solar panels on the roof
    -new kitchen
    -new bathroom
    -sofas/table/social area up front
    -maybe a small wood stove

    We want to build everything with sustainable materials/avoid anything that emits nasty stuff in order to create a healthy indoor climate. And because it looks and feels nicer imho.

  • Love it !

  • So so cool. What's the nuts and bolts sides of things looking like? These easy to work on or a nightmare?

  • Fan vad snygg! Looking forward to more progress.

  • Route 666 Scania to hell! This should be good.

  • No idea really! It came with a rather extensive service manual and parts list so hopefully it won't be too hard 😬.

    Just browsing through the manual it's quite obvious that a lot of thought and experience have been used to building these things. There is also an active community of enthusiasts online

  • This is amazing! What sort of license do you need to drive it where you are? Are there any conversions you can do to make it more fuel efficient like LPG?

  • Reminded me of the movie Captain Fantastic, which is a great watch also

  • This is cool. Is the aim to be able to drive it away for weekends etc, or more to have it parked up somewhere? Guessing you're not going to be driving it every day!

  • It's classified as a truck so you'll need a truck driver licence. What is lpg? The estimated consumption is approx two litres per 10kms so it's pretty efficient for the size

  • Holidays mostly and maybe airbnb it when we're not using it. We are planning to move out of the city asap so hopefully we'll have a bit of land to park in soon.

    Long time plan is that my kid can live in it if she decides that she wants to study/live somewhere else since the housing situation is a shit show in Sweden.

  • Following:) So cool! Living in it while studying is a great plan

  • cool bus, was going to make the what a beast pun re the 666 in the first pic but I see @russmeyer got in there first...

  • Next part of the puzzle

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  • I would like to advise you to use 'normal' 300-330Wp solar panels made for roofs of houses, I have one on my van and it's great and super cheap.
    You can use a Vicron MMPT charger so you can charge 12v or 24v batteries.
    And also before you start, don't underestimate the costs of all the wood, screws etc.
    Good luck with studying!

  • I can confirm screws are expensive. I spent about £50 on screws just for a medium sized shed. And wood... even gravel board is £5 per length, scaffolding board is over £30.

    Pallets is always a good should depending on your budget and over all aesthetic l.

  • Any updates?

  • Bump. Is it a house yet?

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