Jimalex’s 853 Crust Romanceur

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  • ha! Badly written sentence in hindsight. Not assuming you are of any particular gender but I'm sure you get the point.

  • @oheyitsdrew Oh no dude I didn’t even think that - just took it as a compliment!

  • Ulp. Does that Nitto Shaka have a UK stockist?

  • The Sun Race 11-50t cassette is a beautiful behemoth. Looking forward to installing this.

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  • Don't think so, but try Woods Cyclery, they seem to have had Crust stuff previously.

  • @vilms5000 I don’t believe so. I am from England but live in LA so got the Crust stuff there and sent it over via Bikeflights as I’m back in the UK for the rest of the year for work. Also no import taxes so thank you HMRC.

  • Woods cyclery have a lot of nice stuff, was cool going in the shop in person last summer. Don't often see so many fancy things in physical form all together.

  • What H/S did you go for? looks sick already, keen to see it finished!

  • Thank you @bobble!

    Stealth Chris King. Need to sort some spacers.

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  • Fun! Such a bold move spraying a brand new, fancy frame, ha ha. Is there any logic to the 1" threaded forks other than aesthetics/ why not? The Crust instagram is a fun follow.

  • Thank you @ltc!

    Here’s what Bikepacking.com had to say on the subject:

    “A 1” quill suspends the handlebar with flex. You want your cockpit to flex; yer on a curated picnic ride after all, not sprinting for the green jersey. The aesthetic of the elegant quill starkly contrasts with the barbarity of the modern threadless stack washer power stack. The horror.”

    There are more verbose opinions in the full article here:


  • I say Smithers it’s about time we saw the return of quills. Excellent, excellent. ( Mr Burns .jpg )

  • Skinny rims & tyres are next you know, right?

  • Bit lame that Crust’s aesthetic is basically and exactly the same as Rivendell on those details you didn’t like. Deco font, white headtube, mid-tone retro colours. I see why you might have removed them.

    They’re called Crust, you’d hope they’d be a bit more punk.

  • Oooh skinny rims and tires. Now there’s a thought... :)

    I have no doubt the bike-trend merry-go-round will spiral back to these things when companies find it helps shift stock.

    In the meantime I’m lucky enough to have my roadie alongside the Crust for skinny tire adventures.

    Agreed I do enjoy the more metal design choices Crust sometimes employ. The Scapegoat in particular...


    While the red and black crackle paint was beyond me I do have a nod to the ‘goat planned for my bike.

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  • Good job on the respray - it looks stunning!
    I am enjoyed the more diverse and personal build choices displayed by you and @Maj in particular.

  • Thank you @MisterMikkel!

    I cannot claim anywhere near the originality of @Maj 's new frame, but am enjoying this build for sure.

  • very very nice!!

  • You're welcome :)
    That is certainly in a league of it's own, but yours is no slouch either. Looking forward to seeing the progression.

  • Thank you @Josh!

  • My favorite bar tape. Will be wrapped reverse to hide the logos.

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  • And picked up these Nitto bar end plugs - for the NDS bar end that won’t have shifter.

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  • This is rad, quite jealous. Props for the bravery + execution on the paint

  • Thank you @letog that’s kind of you to say.

    Just moved in to a new part of town and exploring rides in the neighbourhood. Got up to Windsor Great Park this morning. Frosty.

    Any suggestions for gravelly fun around this side of town much appreciated.

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Jimalex’s 853 Crust Romanceur

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