1 inch ahead stem

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  • Popping a threadless time fork on my rossin pista to increase clearance, have the headset so now just looking for a 1 inch ahead stem to complete it. Looking for around 100-110mm, 25.4 clamp so I can keep the same bars and preferably silver without a huge drop in terms of angle, but will consider anything really.

    Proper rat bike so doesn’t need to be fancy or nos or anything.


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  • Anyone have anything going? Or any idea where to look, would it be vintage mtb stems I should be looking for?

  • This thread might give you some ideas

  • Have this one

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  • I have a couple of black and silver 1 1/8 stands with 25.4mm clamps. You can run them with a shim.

    They look decent on these bikes as the stem is very low profile so doesn’t look too incongruous.

    I was using them until I went and had a full custom stem made. It’s almost impossible finding a 1” ahead in the style you want IME.

  • £5 forum donation of you want it. I have 100 and 110mm lengths

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  • Logos rub off easily.

  • I've just spent the last few months trying different 1" stems for a new build...they do come up on eBay, if you do a general search for '120mm stem', then filter by steerer tube diameter / stem type, it should bring up a bunch.

  • There's definitely a few around but a lot are MTB stems that have less desirable angles. The road bike market really went from threaded to 1 1/8 treadless with barely a stop at 1" threadless. Then there's the 26.0 vs 25.4 clamp to deal with.

    This might work

  • Thanks so much, tons of ideas there!

  • I have these 2 ( not my photos ) . The sakae is maybe 110/120 the Cinelli maybe 120/130. I can check this weekend

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  • Cinelli is 26.0 but the other one may be 25.4

  • Thanks, think I’m going to try and find something a bit more quill like if you know what I mean? Thank you though!

  • Thanks for all of these ideas, now I’ve seen all these options I’m going to try and stick it out for a silver one to tie things in. Really appreciated though mate, cheers!

  • Cheers, intrigued by that sakae, is it a hollow centre running down the stem??

    Looking at a 3ttt mutant on eBay just now, intrigued by how that would look..

  • Almost hollow. I think it’s definitely 25.4 and I’ll double check the length but I think 110. Would sell for £10 plus post etc .

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  • Never seen anything like that, I’d love to give it a shot! I’ll send you a pm, cheers.

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1 inch ahead stem

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