• I am comparing Dolan Precursa size 52 and Cinelli Parallax size M.

    It looks like:

    1. the wheelbase is a bit shorter on the Parallax (not a surprise, since it's notorious for its toe overlap)
    2. the Precursa has a slightly more sloping geometry of the top tube, resulting in more exposed seatpost for the same saddle height.

    Note: I assumed same BB drop and same chainstays length in the plots, but they are not in Dolan documentation, unfortunately.

    Does this make sense?

    (Plotted with the awesome bikecad)

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  • ^ slack chain

  • track slack for the win!

  • Does this make sense?


  • Have you ridden them both @PhilDAS?

  • No, sorry.
    What exactly are you asking for?

  • I know @Jny owns both so may be able to help you with any questions you have. I think his pre cursa is most likely a 54 though.

  • I assumed same BB drop and same chainstays length in the plots...

    You know what happens when you assume.

    What are you trying to determine?

  • Hey there. Yeah I have both a Dolan 52cm and a parallax 54cm.

    Yeah the overlap on the parallax is a bit mad but not as bad as a histogram. One of my favourite bikes to ride.

    The Dolan was sick felt really comfortable. I’m 5,11 both bikes felt very similar

  • lol exactly, that's why I am seeking for some confirmation :)

  • Basically I own a Parallax and I think M is a good fit for me. Now I am thinking of getting a Precursa to use some cheap components that I have around the house and I am comparing sizes, because I want to understand what size of Precursa I should get.

  • Hey! That's awesome, exactly those two sizes.. I love this forum!

    Don't take me wrong, I love to ride my Parallax, and I don't mind the toe overlap, but I am looking to get something slightly more comfortable for everyday rides. I just wanted to double check that the "sizes" match, and the geometry is a bit more comfy on the Dolan.

  • I see.

    I’d offer to measure up a pre cursa if I were at work.

    Sure there’s enough people on here have one that some one will confirm the measurements that aren’t on the geo charts.

    Have you asked on the pc owners thread?

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Dolan Precursa vs. Cinelli Parallax geometry (plot included!)

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