another 26er...

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  • time to ronniefy the Ronniewagon. Yes I bought that bottle on sale and yes I did think it was bigger than what it actually is…

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  • This is the most rivpilled bike on this forum Imo

    Gonna look great

  • all set up for ride tomorrow, will supply post ride pics. Pretty fuckin happy with this bike now, and I’m excited to try out these new tyres.

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  • That's a nice cruiser!

    Have you tried it with the bars tilted down instead of pointing upwards? I discovered this to be way more comfortable and your wrists look pretty angled on your photos.

  • Yeah I keep lowering the angle on the bars, trying to find the right position for them! They were a bit more tilted up than this before, and lowering them definitely helped.

  • 😎😎😎😎

  • So class, love it!

  • I like the look of the taped up bars that match the stem and saddlebag.
    Definitely turning more and more into a brexit rivendell!
    For ultimate rivification, you could swap the shifters around and mount them on the underside of the handlebar - i've found it adds a nice usable hand position just forward of the brakes.
    Like so:

  • Thank you! I’m surprised I didn’t mess up the bar tape knowing how clumsy I am. I have noticed a lot of builds doing this and I might give it a go! Sometimes the shifters can be a little uncomfortable in the position they’re in now

  • I found cotton tape to be quite forgiving in that aspect.
    Personally I've found the shifters to work better that way - feels more like a regular thumb shifter.

  • went out on my usual loop but with the new tyres and boy were they grippy! They made the traversing the slop an effortless journey. Picked the best day for it too because by the time I was finished every inch of my body was covered in mud. Finally feel like I’ve reached peak Elevator_to_hell worship. Also I altered the handlebar angle again and it feels much better, cheers @Brainfart_Industries !

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another 26er...

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