Quite Fond(riest) of this frame

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  • I haven’t had any problem with the stepdown part of the ferrule being slightly loose. They do come in a couple of sizes, will measure diameter of the stepdown section tommoz. Stepdown type better than non-stepdown if you ask me.

  • Thanks, I'm completely bemused by the whole situation to be honest, as the LBS are convinced I need a ferrule without the stepdown, but I am (perhaps with a little less conviction) sure it needs the stepdown type. However, they've tried with a bucket of ferrules (literally) and none fit. So maybe they are right?

    Did you get a chance to measure it so I can go back and tell them to eat shit find a suitable alternative online?

  • OK - difference is tiny. The stepdown on one type is 3.7mm diameter, and the other lot is 3.4mm. Hardly enough to make any difference I'd say. I don't think it matters if it's a bit loose as the cable tension holds it in place and a little bit of wobble doesn't do any harm?

  • Thanks, I found a handful of others (not my hand) but they're all too large. The Campagnolo ferrule is 4mm, the diameter of the cable stop is 5mm. So every one the LBS has is too small. Driving me mad now! I'm 99% sure I need one with a 5mm inner diameter.

    *edited to correct typo

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  • If you want a 3.7mm one popping in the post pm me - I have quite a few!

  • There a ton a ton of different sizes for these around. I ended up buying pretty much every size on Ebay before finding the size I needed for mine.

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  • Now this is a long shot, but you don't remember which size worked on your Fondriest? I assume it would be the same size I need.

  • @190-215GPa Dave, the ferrules arrived today and I took them straight to the Pinarello garage. Thanks so much for sending them, it was very kind and your note made my day!

    However, they aren't the correct type. It is my fault. After trying not to weep uncontrollably and having now consoled myself, I have discovered that there are two forms of these different Cinelli diver's helmet braze-ons. For anyone who may have this issue in the future, I've attached a handy image.

    Of course, mine is the 5mm internal diameter type, and of course, these are as rare as it gets. I found a few photos (attached) to show the exact form of ferrule needed - notice the shape is different from the others, with a shorter insert and slight curve at the end.

    I may have found one in Germany, but until the seller confirms the diameter, the bike remains with Pinarello.

  • I have seen a lot of things during my years of tinkering with bikes, but man, your story with these ferrules is extreme. Hope you'll be able to figure it out without losing your sanity!

  • Really sorry to hear that the ferrules wouldn't fit :( especially after soliciting a forum donation for the postage! I'm pleased to see that you know exactly what is required now so still looking forward to seeing the build completed when you get hold of one.

  • Unfortunately not. I recall buying them of the UK Ebay. That was the only place I could find them at the time.

  • It's funny how these small parts can be such an Achilles' heel when restoring old bikes. I thought it was a miracle that I could acquire the various pieces I needed previously (brake clamp bolt, chainring bolts, sunken brake nuts in differing lengths) but then this comes along, the most innocuous of all, and it has stumped me... for now.

  • Have you considered 3d-printing or suguru or suchlike until you have found the correct one?

  • I would but this bike is my 5th, so there's no urgency to get it ready. I just fancied having a ride on it as the weather in Italy is now very good.

  • What you're probably looking for is the Campagnolo 5-CG-CS013 aka EAN 8033874114728 which is Ø 5,7/4 mm. It's what my frame uses which has a similar, perhaps the same, cable stop.

  • Thanks, I thought the same but it isn't the 'standard' Campagnolo part (the guy in Pinarello has hundreds of those). This needs to fit a 5mm ID cable stop, so 4mm would be too small. I think!

  • Hm, I guess I'm misunderstanding something then, I read the above "the diameter of the cable stop is 4mm" - you meant 5mm?

  • Ah sorry, yes I see it now. I meant 5mm. I'll edit it 👍🏼

  • This is driving me mad now. The guy in Germany has confirmed his are 4mm in diameter, so 1mm too small. Someone, somewhere must know where I can get a gear cable ferrule with a 5mm insert? They must be made/sold still? Please

  • Why is it a problem that the outer ferule diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the cable guide? The ferule will be under tension against the cable guide, so it doesn't need to be a tight fit. Or am I missing something?

  • I know you want the right ones, but a spiral of coke can will work wonders as a shim here

  • Or no ferule at all

  • Actually this is a good point - the outer diameter of the cable can’t be far off 5mm. Maybe it’s designed to not need a ferrule?

  • I think the problem is that the insert of the ferrule needs to be relatively snug, to prevent the cable from sitting at a strange angle (and therefore not allowing the cable to run smoothly through the stop when shifting). What seems so bizarre to me is that the manufacturer of the stop (Silva) didn't make the ferrules - only Campagnolo would have supplied them with the cables themselves. So where are all the 5mm Campagnolo ferrules? Did they ever make them? If so, where are they? If not, how did the people who owned frames with this particular chainstay stop make them work?

    I've read more about this than I ever could have possibly wanted, and it seems as though simply using the cable outer on its own won't work, as over time the strands of the cable become damaged - or so a few people in a similar position have stated.

    I found another shop selling ferrules here in Italy and I've asked them for some advice, but I think the last remaining solution might be to have someone create a ferrule on a lathe.

  • I think you are over complicating things. Just put it together with the ferule you have and see what it does.

    I just checked my parts bin and all the step down ferules I found have an outer diameter of around 4mm at the point where they enter the cable stop. I used to buy and sell all sorts of frames, including frames with your type of cable stop, so I am pretty sure these were the ones used. If I recall correctly these ferrules will require your to strip modern cables to enter the ferule.

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Quite Fond(riest) of this frame

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