Quite Fond(riest) of this frame

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  • I picked up this 58cm Fondriest frame and forks over the Easter weekend, simply because I loved the paint. It is very light - when I went to collect it I was happily surprised - the seller said it is an X Status, but I'm pretty sure it isn't. It feels equivalent to my two Scapin Genius frames, albeit with thinner tubes. It had quite a bit of surface rust and generally lacked love, but I've spent this morning cleaning and polishing and now it's looking pretty good.

    I've given it a thorough once-over and the BB needs replacing, as well as the seatpost (too short) and it'll need a new headset. I think it will need an Italian threaded, 1" headset so I'm keeping my eyes out for a Campagnolo, Ofmega or possibly Stronglight one in silver, but they seem to be becoming rarer by the day. I'm not sure which BB it'll need, it's currently got a 36 x 24 (70mm) Shimano one but it's toast. I've got a spare set of Shimano Ultegra 6500 wheels I could use with it, but I think I'd prefer Campagnolo. I even considered Miche (gulp) to use it as a singlespeed, but that is likely to involve a lot of hassle.

    Plan is all silver components, whatever comes up on eBay/classifieds and perhaps a few bits from the parts bin, and hopefully I can (once again) rely on the kindness of the Italian bike shops here to help me out.

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  • Forks and frame after a lot of polishing.

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  • If anyone knows anything about the type of steel used, or has any suggestions regarding components of the era (think it must be 1997/1998) then I'm all ears!

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  • It's a nice looking frame and it's deserving of some half decent parts.
    Maybe some silver Campagnolo stuff? If you're on a budget, then Daytona or Centaur from ebay.
    Tubing is probably Dedacciai or Columbus? If you can get the BB out, weigh the frame as this'll give you an idea as to the quality of the material. If it's <1900g then it'll be something half decent at least.

  • I'm pretty sure it's Dedacciai and I suspect it will be below 1900g, judging by how light it feels. I'll need to wait until the bike shop around the corner opens again tomorrow to get the BB out, as I don't have the tool to do it. I think silver Campagnolo would make sense too, but here it's "pasquetta" (little Easter) so nobody is doing anything apart from eating, so can't really expect many replies from people selling bits on eBay.

  • Anyone have any suggestions regarding these two problems - rust patch on the top tube and some damage to one of the cable guides (also on the top tube)? I can live with them but would it be better to get a local frame shop have a look? Maybe touch-up the paint and replace the cable guide braze on? (these photos are pre-polishing and scrubbing with a wire brush, so they in fact look a bit better now).

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  • Looks like an X Status to me - think that the tubing is Dedacciai Optimal?

    Nice looking frames - tube shape is quite similar to Columbus Nemo in my eyes (particularly the DT). SWijland on here copper plated one I think.

  • Ah yes, I did a quick search and he has the same forks and the s-bend rear seat stays. Maybe it is an X Status after all? Once I get the BB out I'll be able to weigh it. The fork is 700g.

  • Nice project. Lovely frameset!

  • OK, I've already run into a little trouble, yet again regarding bottom brackets (I hate them so much). I've found a Campagnolo Daytona 10 speed groupset (double) locally and hope to pick it up on the weekend. It has the 170mm crank arms but I am absolutely mystified as to which bottom bracket I need to buy (the BB is missing from the groupset). The frame currently has a Shimano BB fitted, and I know that it is an ITA 70mm one (36 x 24) but what are my options regarding a new one that will work with this specific groupset?

    I've now spent two hours researching this. Pretty sure I need a 70mm ITA BB (36 x 24) with 111mm spindle length, as per the Campagnolo technical documents. Alas they appear to be about €50 a pop, but there we are.

    Also, ordered a headset (1" Tange Levin).

  • 111mm sounds about right, or maybe 115mm? Kinda depends on the frame also.

    You could just flog it and buy a silver Centaur Ultratorque chainset off ebay, there's usually an abundance of them in silver with 53/39t chainrings, compacts are available but are harder to find. The bearings are attached the crank arms, you just need some Italian BB cups which should be cheap second hand.

  • That's a good plan, however I've found the complete groupset for €100 so I'm keen to keep it all as one. I may have to sell my Ultegra 6500 wheelset as I was keeping that with my next build in mind, but hopefully that might cover the cost of these few extra bits.

    I think that as the frame has the slimmer downtube, it needs the 111mm spindles (or at least that's what I understood the Campagnolo technical sheets were saying)!

  • Also, when did ratty old 1" quill stems become so expensive?! Couldn't give them away when I was back in the UK.

  • Here is a mock-up using some old Ultegra wheels. Found a supplier locally for the bottom bracket, hope to have it (and the headset) by the middle of next week.

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  • Polishing

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  • if it's like the Centaur I polished recently they should clean up really easily-the graphics come right off no problem and then it's just working through the wet and dry and or/wire wool etc. Unless you have a Dremel then even quicker

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Quite Fond(riest) of this frame

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