Pictures from the saddle

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  • Bryan Chapman Memorial this weekend. I didn’t manage the whole route so won’t post in the audax thread about it.

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  • That's precisely why you have to post in the audax thread! Looks lovely the parts you did do. Although, your Wales trips are usually not too bad.

  • Hello from Portugal 🇵🇹

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  • Looks amazing, very jealous sat here at work. Have fun and make the most of it!

  • It’s lovely, but fu*k rented bikes. I’m buying a bike box as soon as I’m back!

  • Yea, I gave up renting a few years ago. Flying with a bike is actually pretty straight forward.

  • Rolling around France, the churches are next level.

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  • How do you like working for Rapha? :')

    Enjoy mate!

  • Ha! Could only imagine what sort of pictures you would take around here. Some roads are absolutely stunning.

  • Some snaps of me in the saddle this time ;)

  • London this morning.

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  • In the sticks, Bosnia.

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  • Whoah! That’s a serious setup! Where did you start/where are you going?

  • Dunfermline, Fife (via North Shields ferry) to....duno,staying in Banja Luka for a bit, for some loopage and the B Hard Race (600km version cause i have knees of cheese) then head south Montenegro, Kosovo etc

    It's bloody hot.

  • Living the dream then, all the best :-)

  • A few from the Drome Provençal region today

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  • A few from an off-roady escapade around Box/Juniper on Monday

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  • One from yesterday afternoon. Allegedly an amphitheatre but just looks like a sloping field.


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  • Gorge de la Nesque. The most glorious descent imaginable to reward the legs after Ventoux (of which there were no decent pics, too much suffering)

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  • that's a great ride, really enjoyed it. Had a long lunch in a little village at the end of the gorges too. awesome

  • A few from around Llyn Brianne and the Devil's Staircase in Wales on jubilee weekend, no bunting or traffic in sight.

  • There were plenty of people doing the same yesterday but I had to dash back to where we were staying to relieve my patient and understanding wife of toddler duty. In the process of negotiating a second ascent of Ventoux today…

  • Morning ride up Kingly Vale for a coffee.

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  • Devil's Staircase in Wales

    Terrific place to be riding around.

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Pictures from the saddle

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