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  • Probably the fields I was talking about then, I commuted by bike to Bath today!

  • Awww cool the misty fields was taken looking down from Bannerdown about half way. 👍👍

  • I was the other side of Bath on the cycle track, the mist was sitting heavy over the river near Saltford and Kelston looked breathtaking on the way home.

  • Lovely autumn roads, then late afternoon seafront cruising.

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  • Couple from Tenerife last week. I was planning on taking my gravel bike, but I’m glad I took my road bike and made the most of those super smooth road surfaces.

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  • Couple more.

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  • Don’t know those cyclists in the last photo, maybe they’re ‘on here’?

  • If you imagine East Anglia but sunny and nice, that is what the Albufera is like.

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  • Actual East Anglia...

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  • Slippery ride yesterday

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  • A taste of the winter misery to come, yesterday's ride out to the Mendips:

  • Atmospheric tracklocross down the Mersey in South Manchester yesterday

  • More mist around Bath

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  • Is that first photo near to Priston?

  • Yeah ish between Priston and Nailwell good spot
    That bit that feels like a seabed (well it does to me)

  • Know it well, thought it looked familiar! Part of one of my regular rides, I love it all around there. My mate has a farm in Newton-St-Loe. Some nice quiet lanes for road/gravel bikes and some good bridleways on an mtb. I have loads of good routes around that area that link up bridleways and lanes.

  • There’s a lot of good stuff out there depending on the weather

  • Don't suppose either of you could share a map of some of these routes please? Looking for new mtb rides around Bath.

  • I'll get in touch in a couple of days time, I am away at the moment. I have a few gpx files.

  • ^ cheers :)

  • Let's see how this will pan out.

  • A bit of exploring for this coming spring / summer.

  • How do you like the DJI? Do we finally have a gopro session successor?

  • Last photo was taken with the DJI actually.

    I like the (lack of) size, it's tiny but not too small. I took a little tumble today on some ice but the camera remained nicely in place.

    I'll need to do some research but it doesn't appear to automatically jump to the external SD card once the internal one is full which is a bit odd to me.

    The only thing I don't like about it so far, is that my Macbook is clearly struggling with the files and it has become painfully obvious I'll need to replace the Mac sooner or later. It runs fine on my girlfriend's M1 Air.

    I'm shooting in 1080 instead of 4K simply because I'll be using it predominantly for social media stuff in the beginning to see how I get on. Battery life isn't that impressive in 4k, especially not without the battery pack. It seems to be lot better in 1080.

    I like the DJI Mimo app in conjunction with this camera, it allows for a wireless connection and you get access to all of the settings. I also have the DJI Osmo which requires a fixed connection which is a total ball ache.

    My experience with the Session was simply terrible. Two separate units failed on me, one work related and the other in Mauritius during a holiday. Got so fed up with the latter I simply threw it in the bin somewhere in Mauritius.

  • Always a great to see the tentative signs of spring when out riding.

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Pictures from the saddle

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