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  • I love riding on the IOW, went there twice last year

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  • Another amazing weekend to be out riding.

    It is such a regular occurrence for me to discover a discarded stash like this on my local trails that it no longer surprises me. This was today's find.

  • Cracking around the South downs.

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  • Couple of recent ones.

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  • great pix

  • Severn Bridge? Not that far from my rides above

  • Nope, Forth Road Bridge. And the other one is Green Lowther.

  • Whereabouts were your photos taken? I say this every year, but I need to go home to Wales more often to see my family and cycle.

  • Around the keynsham/chew valley area (not far from Bristol). Give me a shout if you are in the area and we could meet up for a ride.

    I write often venture over to Wales for a ride via the bridge.

    Can't promise a weed stash though!!

  • Eastbourne to Hove mostly on South Downs Way, cracking day.

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  • Great thread. Just found myself going through my phone for an hour or so trying to narrow down my top five... Hard! And not certain these are the top but... In no particular order:

    1. Corrieyairack Pass / Sept 2019 - This was my 33rd birthday and I'd started the day having a poo in a hole. Absolutely brilliant day.
    2. Snowdonia / August 2019 - Typical Welsh weather and ended up on this pass in a storm. Was so windy PastryBot got blown off his bike.
    3. Elan Valley / May 2017 - Spent a week cycling from the top of Anglesey to Bristol and the weather was like this the entire time. Favourite week on a bike ever.
    4. Gospel Pass / May 2017 - Same trip as above.
    5. Strada dell'Assietta / June 2018 - We tried to follow the Torino Nice Rally route in early June which in theory should be fine but it had been an exceptionally long snow season... The peak was somewhere around this corner but as we climbed the weather came in after a long sunny day. We were surrounded be crashes and cracks we assumed were thunder to begin with but realised were avalanche. Hot tailed back down as the pass began to turn into a stream from snow melt.

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  • Number 3 & 5 for me.

    Yesterday’s ride;

  • Nice! Where are they taken? The second one has Corrieyairack vibes but I don’t think that’s were it is?

    @eskay Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep that in mind :)

  • These are great!

    Is that last one of yourself riding? I tried taking some photographs with my cameras app based remote shutter control yesterday but I wasn’t very happy with the results. I found it very hard to time my framing for the shot.

  • Cheers.

    Yes, yours truly in the photo indeed. I tried with the app initially but the phone / camera connection was struggling a bit as I was moving too fast probably.

    Ended up with the good old countdown timer, this was the second attempt as I was out of view on my first effort already haha.

  • Good point - have done an update. There was one Corrieyairack in there...

  • Bit of shameless self-promotion here but I took a load cycling across the US some years back, and also Patagonia...­austral

  • That's some great stuff Alex.

  • thank you. I consider that high praise from you!

  • Stunning photos! I paticularily like the one of the red canyon with snow.

  • US Pacific Coast, Hwy 101.

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  • Here are some of mine from the last few years, in no particular order:



  • Ah, here's a riding photo that has never, ever been seen on the forum before:

  • tommi hyvonen ecmc06

  • Is that not @hippy avatar photo?

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Pictures from the saddle

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