• Thinking of repacking di2 internals in a hylex lever. If anyone has a damaged/broken rim or hydraulic shifter with electronics working which they would be willing to let go for cheap let me know.


  • @yeahdext recoup some money?

  • Was thinking some crashed 6870s but happy to take anything if it's cheap enough

  • Also hylex levers in silver seem to be out of stock so if anyone has a pair let me know before I settle for a new set in black.


    Cheers @Pifko.

    Drop me a PM by all means, mine may be more suitable for repairs for a desperate person - I know the stress it's caused me sourcing one - than total butchering what is otherwise a very clean lever minus it's bleed threads... :)

  • Cheers for the offer. Think you'd get more for it on ebay from someone looking to replace a scuffed lever, so I'll hold out for something completely written off/ just adapt a di2 climbing shifter

  • Plus I think the hydraulic di2 ports are slightly different- can't use sprint shifters with them. So maybe 6870 or 8050 levers would be best

  • You can also get an adapter kit to put climbing shifters in TRP Hylex levers - official from TRP.

  • Yeah had a look at those, but don't love the aesthetic and would preferably have a few buttons on each side in different positions, plus they're pretty expensive for two buttons- maybe I'm overcomplicating this. Thanks for the suggestion though

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WTB: Damaged 11 Speed Di2 Shifter For Project & TRP Hylex RS Silver

Posted by Avatar for j_p_ @j_p_