• Several frames for sale, all in the 54-55cm range. Selling as I've managed to accumulate lots of similar bikes. Don't need as many, so am going to shift them and replace with 2-3 that don't overlap in purpose so much. Also need to size up, to enable me to get bars higher or use flat bars, due to hip surgery.

    I say 'going to replace'. I've 2 framesets arrived, so need to shift this lot!!

    I normally use eBay, but forum users should appreciate these.

    • Not taking offers currently - I'm not able to keep my eye on the ad all day to respond to offers.
    • If you want to buy, state 'Dibs' clearly and name the item you're buying.
    • Then PM me immediately stating that you want to buy the item and whether posted or collected. I will reply with my PayPal email address. Please pay 'goods or services' as stated in forum rules and I will take the hit on the fees. PM me your postal address.
    • Please state clearly what you are paying for on PayPal so I don't get mixed up.
    • Postage for frames is £20 to cover delivery, packaging etc, via Parcel Force 48.
    • Collection from Sheffield possible. However I'm not holding frames for potential buyers pending viewing. If you want to collect, please study the pics and pay up front.
    • If several frames sell in a short period of time, please be patient re. delivery. It's the bank holiday weekend and the first time we can see family for ages. I have some frame boxes and packing materials, but it's a walk and a carry to the Post Office, and I have a gammy hip so will only do 1 or 2 per day. They also might get sick of me. If it's taking a few days, keep in touch by PM.
    • If someone dibs, PMs and pays within a few hours, I will edit the listing for the item as SOLD. If they don't follow up on their dibs or PM, I will comment that the item is still available.
    • If more than one person dibs and PMs, I will check the thread to make sure who dibbed first. Please do the same to check if someone else has already dibbed.
    • I am getting sick of typing 'dibbed'.

    *** I have various spare parts that might help with a build: stems, bars, seatposts, tyres, BBs, pedals, etc. Some of which I can chuck in for free, some of which will cost extra. Just ask in your PM and I'll see what I have.

    *** I'll add that I am a former shop mechanic and all bikes have been assembled/disassembled properly using the proper tools, by mine fair and calloused hand.

    I will also be listing other parts for sale over the next few days. Various Hollowtech II cranks listed this evening.

    1. REMOVED FROM SALE Cotic Escapade (previous gen), purple. Small. Full carbon fork. Same geo as current model, but QR rear. Includes Cane Creek 40 headset with new bearings. Some very minor signs of use to paintwork that could be dealt with with T Cut. One of my favourite ever bikes. I've ordered the new model in a larger size.
      Steerer cut to allow 20mm spacers below stem and 5mm above. Steerer bung fitted.
      Frame weighs around 1900g which is competitive with a Condor Fratello etc.
      £335 NOW £325 REMOVED FROM SALE

    2. SOLD All City Space Horse Disc, blue 52cm (54.5cm top tube). Previous gen with QR front and rear. Same geo as current model. I shouldn't have bought this really as I have a touring bike but the paint is nice and it has big boi tyre clearance. Includes Cane Creek 40 headset. Bearings clean and 7/10, plenty life left. Some minor scrapes to paint around dropouts/disc mount and cable rub on fork crown. Wish these were cheaper in the UK as I'd go for another in a larger size for a 'do everything' bike. Steerer cut to allow approx 35mm spacers depending on your stem.
      £340 SOLD

    3. SOLD All City Space Horse Canti, mint and white, 52cm (54.5 top tube). Possible the one I regret selling the most. It uses narrower-diameter tubing than the disc model and feels a bit more sprightly to ride. I have been using it as a SSCX and with the semi-horizontal dropouts this worked perfectly. A few years old, not heavily used but more chips around the dropouts, a bit of paint rub on chainstay and some storage marks on forks.
      Includes M Part Elite Headset, bearings in perfect condition.
      Steerer cut to allow approx 40mm spacers depending on your stem.
      £240. SOLD

    4. Genesis Equilibrium, Grey, Small. (Current geo). Carbon fork with alloy steerer.
      I've bought one in a medium cos I loved this so much. Very underrated frame. Around 1870g - again, competitive with something much more 'boutique' like a Condor Fratello. Nicely finished dropouts etc.
      I ran this with 28mm tyres with 42mm mudguards easily. Will take 30mm + without.
      A few very small paint chips and minor marks from. One small mark on TT from having a frame bag strapped to it on one occasion.
      Original Genesis headset, unused, included but not fitted. (I used a different one).
      Steerer cut to allow 25mm spacers, depending on your stem.
      I have SKS Bluemels mudguards which have been trimmed/adjusted to fit, in good condition. Will include (not fitted) for an extra £13
      £295 NOW £285

    5. REMOVED FROM SALE Genesis Equilibrium, Red, Small. (Current geo). Steel fork.
      Stupid purchase really but got it for a decent price and intended to either keep as a spare or build up for my partner. Ended up building it up as a SS. Magic gear was 42-17 or 39-16 I think. (No need for tensioner). Only rode a few times last autumn before hip started flaring up again. Shame. Lovely paint colour.
      No significant marks, apart from normal minor marks where wheels fitted to dropouts.
      Genesis plain black headset fitted. Bearings perfect.
      I also have SKS Bluemels mudguards for this too, which have been trimmed/adjusted to fit, in good condition.
      Will include (not fitted) for an extra £13
      £235 NOW £230 REMOVED FROM SALE

    6. Specialized Rockhopper mashup. 18 inch. The product of 2 framesets - one had a seized BB with splines shredded. One had a fork with an over-faced crown-race! So one good frame, one good fork. Paintjob on the frame is cool as F.
      Needs a JIS threaded headset. (27.0 crown race, 30.2 cups). I had fitted one which I am keeping.
      Original seatpost included.
      See photos - various scrapes and nicks, but no dents.
      Frame only weighs about 2kg and has nice slender tubes. Should ride great with some nice wide slicks.
      I had assumed an 18 inch retro bike would fit me, as modern 18 inch MTBs do. I had failed to account for the much shorter forks and thus very low bars. I would need a mega stem to make it work for me. Best someone else uses it.
      £45 Now £42

  • Nice selection

  • Could be interested in the all city depending what it is 🙂

  • Rather mysterious eh?

  • Also potential interest in the All City

  • Also potential interest in the All City (maybe the Cotic too?) and not far from Sheffield either....

  • Cotic Escapade

    5 Attachments

    • IMG_20210402_195321709.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_195344339.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_195411355.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_195512767.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_195542637.jpg
  • Dibs on the Space Horse Disc - PM coming.

  • All City SH disc.

    4 Attachments

    • IMG_20210402_201356295.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_201359844.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_201601950.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_201655471.jpg
  • I am both pleased, and sad!

  • All City Space Horse Canti. Thought I took more pics of this. Zoom in if you can. Paint generally very good but as mentioned, some marks and chips round dropouts.

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    • IMG_20210402_200610923.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_200614815.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_200726165.jpg
  • Genesis Equilibrium grey, carbon fork.

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    • IMG_20210402_202156194.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_202203629.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_202308166.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_202335932.jpg
  • Genesis Equilibrium red. OK I definitely took more photos than this but can't see them through all the millions of thumbnails on my phone when it's plugged into my laptop. I am a technoob. But it's hardly used, as described above.

    1 Attachment

    • IMG_20210402_203124810.jpg
  • tempted by the all city SH disc.

    is this the right one ye? ( just checking geo fit) https://allcitycycles.com/bikes/space_ho­rse_grx

    Thanks bud! have a great bank holiday weekend :)

  • Rockhopper...

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    • IMG_20210402_203439827.jpg
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    • IMG_20210402_203540230.jpg
    • IMG_20210402_203544564.jpg
  • Dibs on space horse canti!

  • Tis but tis sold!
    Same model, but older version, with QR rather then the current QR. Personally don't see the need for thru-axle on this sort of bike. I have a thru-axle bike and it doesn't ride any different, and isn't necessarily easier to get wheels in/out.

  • Cool, cheers. Awaiting PM

  • ahh not quick fingered enough for this place!. well at least it's going to a good home. GLWS ! :) (ill keep an eye just in case it falls through!)

  • Have a look at the Spa Wayfarer or Elan for a well-priced similar alternative.

  • Second Dibs Space Horse Canti

  • It's gone but cheers!

  • Price drops before pulling remaining frames from sale.

  • Interested in Grey Genesis. Can't work out how to send a pm.

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Sold/sale finished: Small-Med road&gravel Frames. All City, Cotic, Genesis, Rockhopper

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