• Lmk how much you are after for it if you do want to sell it. Might be interested towards end of the month if all goes well :-)

  • This one is surprising, 1970s style and around 210 grams

    One is for sale on Ebay

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  • Makes you wonder how this existed so long ago and current quill stems are mostly over 100 grams heavier. What happened to progress?

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  • The Litespeed Ti-stem is good looking, it's a bit conical in shape like the Cinelli Grammo

  • There’s been no incentive for manufacturers to push limits of quills since ahead became the standard ,in general new quill fitted bikes have been absolute bottom of the range or the very top custom made where owners are maybe more concerned with stem reliability and less so saving weight ,maybe some of the lightweight quill stems used different density alloy [?]certainly that SR looks v slim with little widening out at stressed areas ,struggling to find weights but you need to Google the stems fitted to original René Herse bikes which were also made in-house and I think the new owners are re-introducing them ,if an original ever comes up for sale it’ll be around £500 ,but they are absolutely stripped back

  • Interesting that you should mention René Herse quill stems, there's one for sale near where I live in Paris. I can go and pick it up for someone if they can afford it.

  • René Herse was making ahead stems, decades before it became the standard

    Actually the stem was used on tandems for the rear passenger in the 50s

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  • I finally found what I was looking for but had to pay a bit more (€77)

    It is a 3T Pro Titanium stem in very good condition. The draw bolt is titanium and not Ergal (Al7075) it weighs 199 grams or 196 grams after I replaced the h/bar clamp bolt with a titanium one.

    It measures 120 mm long which is probably a bit too long for me, if anyone would like to swap their 100 mm equivalent stem for mine, let me know.

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  • This was my other solution, the lightest quill stem you can buy today - from Aliexpress.

    174 grams for a 31.8mm H/bar and 100mm long quill stem is among the lightest ever produced.

    The stem is an UNO stem with ti bolts which weighs 95 grams, it is fitted to a quill adapter which is designed for kids' balance bikes but sold online as a normal quill adapter. The standard product only weighs 93 grams but with an M8 x 100mm ti bolt it weighs 80 grams.
    I also bought a 31.8-26 mm handlebar shim made of UD carbon, I tailored that to fit the stem with a Dremel which adds about 9 grams.

    The adapter is so short it should only be used for slammed stems, there is only 60 mm that can be instered into the fork steerer.

    To be honest I'd be a bit worried to fit the set up, it's probably strong enough but I have doubts.

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  • Here is another new lightweight forged quill stem similar to the SR stem mentioned in a previous post
    248 grams for an 80 mm stem.

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WANTED - Lightweight quill stem (sub 250 grams - 100/110/120mm, -17, -20°, 26mm Hbars , 22.2 steerer)

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