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  • Fair enough, always best to do as yer mum says, I find it's the least turbulent way through life.

  • Looks great James!

  • empty vassal (and install 1000w sound system)

  • Thx!

    I’m not so sure, but it will look great at some point...

  • I was thinking as a name for your vessel, though sound system is never a bad idea.

  • Good effort! I’m still loving living on my boat.... I was going to change the name.. Captain Spaulding... but everytime I mentioned it, the boat tried to kill me. 🤷♂️

  • Me tonight though!

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  • Omnium with purple calipers parked outside a boat nr Ricky this week - on here !?

  • Croxley?

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  • Yep ! Must have been - nice bike / boat combo there dude .

  • Have been out the water for a week in Aylesbury, stripped most of the coal tar from the Hull, had someone pad weld the deeper pits, and now have 3 coats of 2 pack, SML Ballistic epoxy x2 + PPG sigmadur 550 x1 instead. Final coat of the PPG, (UV stable) lay down this evening then have 2 days for it to cure and get on with a few small jobs.

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  • Welder also filled in all the roof fittings from the previous fit-out, and is doing me a new gas locker tomorrow:

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  • Tidy, or will be eventually I suppose. Feel good?

  • Now that’s done yeah… not so much at the end of day 4 (see below).

    Useful to be able to see the condition of everything etc. but never again! Getting blasted next time.

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  • Thanks for reminding me to not buy a boat again!

  • at least the hardest filthiest job of the lot is out the way. got a spot in the marina for a few weeks too from 1st August who are happy for me to work on the boat there so can get some more bits done with a shoreline power supply and a small workshop on site.

  • Slipped back in this morning. 9 nights on a camping mattress inside a boat in a dry dock… never again. My lungs wheezed with joy sucking exhaust fumes on Marylebone road when I got off the train.

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  • Have been ‘living’ on the boat for a week (in a marina to make my life a bit less sh*t).

    Getting ready to strip/paint the bilges and put a new sub floor down I can only use one half of the boat which is not a great deal of fun.

    Have pulled the lining and neatened up the spray foam in the front half and lobbed all the ballast in the front locker, hoping to get the bilges stripped Monday and 2 coats of epoxy down Tuesday.

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  • Think I need to multiply the amount of time I think jobs are gonna take by 2, and not remove a plug from a diesel tank I thought was empty, but got the first coat of epoxy down this afternoon.

    Looks cooler in the can than on the floor but never mind. I managed to have a moment of fun making isopropyl rainbows too.

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  • Daughter lives on a boat.
    Multiply time you think you need to do things x20.
    This is looking great thou :)

  • perhaps that might be more accurate - I think I’m going to adopt the mentality of ‘it takes as long as it takes’. Which at the moment, looks like 24h 😢

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  • took delivery of half a ton of paving slabs today to add some ballast.

    sub floor in front half should be screwed down tomorrow - I have made a little step to where the baseplate curves up at the front.

    lost a few inches of headroom but this will become the cabin/bedroom and better than a curved floor. in trying to save every mm I’m worried there might be a bit of flex but will revisit when the other half is done if so.

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  • Also decided that living and working on a boat with little in the way of utilities over winter is not the best of ideas.

    I could either rush decisions and end up with thing that are difficult to move in not quite the right place, or go to Manchester where I can live in a nice warm house with a 30 min cycle to go and work on the boat.

    starting the Aylesbury - Poynton journey next week 😬

  • I’ll take a ride past and wave some time! Shout if you have any jobs that need some extra muscle, there’s plenty of locals to help

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NB kingfisher

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