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  • Exciting plans! Ill be following this!

  • How'd they manage to get a cat? We approached Cats Protection, RSPCA, Blue Cross. Soon as we said we live on a boat they didn't want to know

  • One of her friends had a cat which had kittens. None of the animal organisations seem to allow adoptions from boaters, but half the boats I know have cats or dogs.

  • Lots of boaters around us have dogs- Jack Russells seem to be the saveur de jour. But no cats.
    We had a cat when we got our boat, kept her in for a month but she kept pestering to be let out. So we did, she went out, had a sniff around came back. Went out again, bit further away, came back. Went out again, that was the last we saw of her. She had a tracker on too but it was only short range
    Would love to get another cat but not sure how to go about it
    Missus would like a dog but I find 'em a bit dirty and smelly (and I don't like Jack Russells!)
    Tl;dr, sorry to hijack your thread, it's great, living on a boat. You learn so much about all sorts of weird stuff

  • Great project, always liked these little boats as a kid when we lived in the UK. Would make some kind of joke about having room to swing a couple of cats if I thought it'd be funny.

  • Don’t worry, it’s funny 😆

    The cats both have somewhere to go for at least a few months anyway.

  • Moved the boat a few miles up the cut today in preparation for survey tomorrow. The seller accompanied me half way (though the locks) then left me to it. Ended up having to single hand it up another lock and turn it around to moor it so feeling a bit better about my boat handling skills now.

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  • Really enjoying this. Nice one dude. Subbed

  • Good luck with the survey!

  • Awaiting the full report but overall pretty pleased. Surveyor was great - let me sit around to watch and talked through what he was doing and why at each stage, and the pros/cons of options for remedial work.

    I no longer have a gas locker as the drains were too low and water had been entering/exiting causing corrosion. Welded them up and will get some new ones fabricated on the stern.

    Someone has helpfully blacked over some surface rust so that needs addressing in the next couple of months. Need to strip off all the layer old the old stuff at which point will probably redo with 2-pack epoxy rather than bitumen.

    Most importantly the hull has retained most of its thickness over the years and no plating is needed. 5mm sheet is still 5 or 4.9 in most places. A few areas down to 4.7-8 and one v.small area of 4.2. There is some light 1mm pitting from microbial corrosion that can be addressed when doing the blacking.

    Engine is decent, could do with a bit of a cleaning up + service further down the line but only one small thing that is a ‘sooner rather than later’ job.


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  • Good news about the survey, nice to know that you're not sat in the cut with paper thin steel. Last time I blacked a hull (2012) I used Comastic, went on nicely, and was quite durable.
    Edit: Comastic no longer produced.

  • How did he measure the thickness of the hull to within a 10th of a mm!?

  • Magic/voodoo/techy jiggery pokery.

  • Ultrasonic gauge.

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