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  • Likewise, I'm down the road in Congleton, so if you need a hand, I can help out on weekends.

  • Thanks both! most likely will be at some point. Have access to my mums partner and his van so can probably him into helping out.

    Departed Aylesbury 0900 yesterday and got to Milton Keynes today. yesterday was a bit of a f*cker single handing 24 locks (most of which we not in my favour) and going well past sunset.

    will set off after lunch tomorrow and do 2.5 slightly more leisurely days aiming to arrive in Braunston for Tuesday afternoon/evening

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  • Made Braunston earlier than I thought. Had an appointment to see an engineer at Union Canal Carriers who is regarded as the best when it comes to SABB engines.

    His opinion was that it is in pretty much perfect condition, all original apart from 1 piece of wire and the additional alternator. needs some coolant adding before winter but not much else other than a clean and looking after. talked me though everything, topped up my gearbox oil and gave me 5l of the oil he had used on for years on the SABBs. Lovely guy, seriously impressed with my metric both sides tape measure, ‘what f*cking use is that!’

    Said it was a shame someone has ‘shut it up’ with twin silencers. I suggested removing both but he thought that may be a bit extreme, so think I will have one of them removed on the way back down.

    did my first couple of tunnels also. light at the end of it, somewhere..!

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  • Delayed in Rugeley this morning - unsure if alternator actually charges the battery or not as meter on the dash has been showing less than 12v forever but still cranking the engine. However at some point in the last couple of days must have knocked the switch on the alternator controller to off which definitely didn’t help.

    Luckily it refused to start right next to a garage so have dropped it off there to charge.

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  • Sorry to hear about the hardships (hardboats?) but I guess that majestic view makes up for it in a certain way.

  • It’s alright - nothings ever going to be straightforward on an old boat and far from the worst thing that can happen.

    Battery got a full charge and can turn the engine over again anyway. Had to slip into Stone under the cover of darkness to make up the lost time. Someone gave me shit out their hatch for moving at night, at 1945. lols

  • 3 days of ‘boatpacking’ left providing the rains doesn’t get torrential tomorrow:

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  • Yesterday was pretty miserable - it’s saving grace probably being that I was going through Stoke on Trent so would have been miserable without the sideways rain. Progress was good however and made it to the entrance of Harecastle tunnel, was the first bot through at 0800 as nothing was coming from the northern side. Thought I would get well ahead on the journey, but have ended up in my overnight spot about 5h early. should have paid more attention the the stoppages but 1300 is a ridiculous time for last boat in.

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  • will be first one up in the morning hopefully:

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  • Any updates? The Puffin thread reminded me of your canal boat exploits...

  • I got a ‘shit office job’ last winter with a view to staying 6 months, but was then offered a new role which I couldn’t really say no to, so have been limited to weekends.

    I have finished stripping and painting the cabin bilge. annoyingly half of it is in white as I ran out of epoxy and no stock of grey.

    Also have a sub floor down, straight on to the stringers for the extra headroom which took a lot of f**king around with heavy duty packing shims, but it’s level to +/- 1mm with no flex.

    Have started filling all small gaps/voids in insulation also, and will double insulate it with low-e foil with 1/2” air gap to the panelling.

    Realistically, it’s going to take me a couple of years to finish it. Luckily the mooring up here is pretty cheap.

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NB kingfisher

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