NB kingfisher

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  • Picked this up yesterday! 35’ semi-trad NB built by Les Allen in 1982. First engine I have ever owned, a SABB 10hp single cylinder that somehow has only 1045 hours on it as lived in a marina for most of its life.

    Taking it out the water to be surveyed on 15th so will know exactly what I’m dealing with then.

    gonna be poor, busy and sleeping on a camping mattress in a pile of sawdust for the foreseeable future!

    loose plan is to get good quality bits in place for utilities and do a rough fitout to make it habitable for winter. Then once I’m happy with layout etc. go back over it and do it all nice.

    #boatlife 😙

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  • You’ll be fine!! This is my home...captain Spaulding, a 55’ trad stern narrowboat.

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  • subbed!

  • Nice!

    I just ordered a full size titanium wi-fi but was still searching for a boat at order cut off point. mayyybe I should have ordered a mini-max but will make it work somehow!

  • Nice, looking forward to see how this progresses. Will not be complete until dog photos added tho.

  • Will never be complete in that case!

    I have a cat (2 cats if you include my ex girlfriends I’ve been looking after for 3 years...) currently deciding if I should find her a nice home or get my sister to look after her and try her on the boat when done.

  • Cats are an only mildly inferior alternative. However, they are slower in learning their lessons about not falling in repeatedly. My neighb's new kitten has been fished out about a dozen times in its first 8 months.

  • I’m not sure how much longer a cargo is over the minimax, but mine can stand up and clear the roof. It’s even better now I’ve removed the mudguards and swapped the bars out for some old on one Mary’s!
    Mine was ok on the outside, but absolutely minging inside! Start at one end, and work things out as you go. I’ve changed the interior several times! My Instagram is currently_captain_spaulding .. there is loads of inspiration on my thread alone!!😂

  • Lovely. I lived on a (rented) narrowboat for a couple of years moored at Barton marina near Burton on Trent.

    The boat was ancient and had a Lister engine which attracted more attention than i expected whenever I took her out.

    @stedlocks I think I remember buying a leather bag from you around this time and you mentioning it was a dream of yours - so congratulations!!

  • SABB’s are highly rated apparently. Threads on boating forums about people removing perfectly good engines and having mounts changed to get them in ‘cause they love the sound 😎

  • Plenty of headroom in the boat for me at 6’3 but I need 220cm to go upright. Can get 207 if I put a bilge inspection hatch directly under skylight so could get that welded a bit higher. Might be easier (and a lot cheaper) to just drop the back wheel out though once I’ve moved to TA.

  • following..

  • Haha. Yeah it was all about the phut phut seemingly!

    Actually it wasn't but I won't go into that.

    Lonely boat - I hope you enjoy it 😀

  • Lonely boat... so alone.

  • Do all narrowboats come with cargo bikes as standard?

  • Awesome project. Look forward to seeing it take shape. Where is the boat moored?

  • Nice. Les Allen, one of the best builders, his boats have really nice lines. Looking forward to further updates.

  • My memory is a bit shot lately....🤷♂️

  • I might be doing that too... I can move my radio flyer wagon that I use as a log basket back into its place!😂

  • This is the minimax wifi upright... and where I was sitting drinking beer last night!😂

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  • Currently in Rickmansworth, will be moving to Watford for survey on 15th. Think it might be easier to do the first chunk of work (basic utilities, clean/paint bilges + new sub floor) out that way as might actually be able to find a quiet spot to moor, cheaper if I need to rent temporarily and a lot of docks/yards in the area if they are required.

  • What is your total capacity for bicyclez? I’m gonna try and squeeze the cargo + 2 more.

  • Ha! Well, I’ve got my trek stache 5 29+ onboard, partly in bits, and a 1937 Paris Tour de France on the wall! I would like my salsa spearfish too, but I need to juggle things a bit... so, cargo, 29+ and frameset at

  • 1937 Paris Tour de France on the wall

    Any photographs ?

  • That’s a
    Stamped ‘Rensche’ bottle holder too👍

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NB kingfisher

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