Top 5 custom paint resprayers (recommendations pls)

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  • Bob Jackson resprayed my Donohue & it was sub £200 in the end. Though they're shut now, if you're patient I get the impression that they might reopen paint jobs again in the future.

  • Right then... After counting the pennies and realising that there's a few quid to be spent buying some carbon forks with 28c or 30c clearance, I've decided to do a 'bodge' myself.. Especially since, after adding decal and details the price will be well in excess of about £250. All I really want to do is ride the thing but also protect the investment.

    If I tape up the decal sections then fade out the paintwork with sandpaper back to the raw metal, I should be anle to hopefully do a half decent jobby (background as a painter and decorater... and I have Purdies 😍)...

    This is a bodge I done previously and it was still going well a year on when I sold it.

    The green hammerite being what I added after cleaning the rusted sections. It's hopefully still being ridden about somewhere in the sunny UK.

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  • My first time in this thread.

    Serious question, are there really people able to refinish a bike for £200 or less with wet paint?
    Including media blasting or not?

    I'm quite surprised to hear that.
    One tin of good quality automotive paint costs the best part of £40 plus VAT.
    Add primer, add clearcoat, add labour, add consumables, add overheads...

    Can anyone show examples of jobs they've had done for these prices?


  • cans are quite reasonable. I seen several nice DIY jobs.

  • goes on nicely and is reasonably tough. But it also comes out VERY rough and needs a lot of flatting back to get a shiny finish. I rate it, and it sprays easily, but it's a lot of work to get a really good result IMO.

  • I’ve got a steel frame I’m looking to pair with a carbon fork. I’d like them both sprayed the same colour (plain white). As I understand it I can’t powder coat carbon, so would be looking at wet paint. The hylix fork I’m looking at comes in plain black or white. Am I better off going for the black fork and getting them identical finish (will the paint shop have to sand it all down?) or go with the white and ask them to colour match? Thanks!

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Top 5 custom paint resprayers (recommendations pls)

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