Chris King T47 BB Tool?

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  • Hi folks,

    Will be fitting a Chris King T47 24i bottom bracket in the near future and wondering if anyone knows which BB tools can be used? Not the easiest thing to google, im finding.

    Is it solely the CK made one or is there a cheaper, more readily available option?


  • Have you sorted out getting the bottom bracket threads cut yet? This is the most serious problem with the T47 standard, nobody has that tool.­ment/bike-accessories/bike-tools-mainten­ance/tools-for-your-shop/praxis-t47-24mm­-bottom-bracket-tool/p/32112/

  • Been looking to find somewhere saying that Praxis tool fits the 24i Chris King, to no avail. But hell I trust ya!

    The BB shell? Its a custom build which will come threaded and I quote:

    "Bottom bracket shell – T47 - M47 x 1 Threaded x 86.5mm long."

    Which I can only assume is the standard thread.

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  • Which I can only assume is the standard thread.

    You could look up the specification and see what the standard threading is (47x1.0mm) and then no assumption would required.

  • It may come threaded but you'll need those threads chasing before you install a bottom bracket and to do that you'll need someone with the T47 tool. They are very very rare.

  • Whomever does the frame prep basically needs these

    and they are £600 a set.

  • And an oversized facing set too. The standard 45mm facer is too small.

  • this is some HIGH TIER wallet inspection from mr king, i am floored

  • Park Tool also make a T47 BB tool for installation BTW.­bracket-tool-bbt-47

  • So can you suggest somewhere that has these tools, can’t imagine they are very common.

  • All of the cutting tools cost a lot of money. Only really worth buying if you're going to use them on the regular (e.g. Bike Shop). The reason the T47 ones are hard to find is because a bike shop might buy the tools and then have no use for them for another year or two because the T47 standard is pretty rare.

  • Maybe @coldharbour has them at ISEN/Talbot? Other than that, I have no idea.

  • Maybe the frame builders that are sticking in T47 BBs can/should help?

  • It may come threaded but you'll need those threads chasing before you install a bottom bracket and to do that you'll need someone with the T47 tool. They are very very rare.

    WTF? Shouldn't the builder of any custom frame be chasing the threads after welding/before delivery, particularly if they are supplying direct to the customer rather than a shop.

  • Maybe, maybe not. OP should ask his builder. While at it they could ask them to install the BB too.

  • Indeed. Possibly more assumptions making an ass out of somebody?

  • Good input... Much usefuls.

  • First you spout twaddle that it won't be threaded. Corrected on that you start assuming it won't be chased. Which one of your ten posts on this thread has had any basis in reality?

  • I've fired an email to the lad i'm dealing with. See what he's saying to it.

    Its a frame with custom geometry in titanium through Albannach and Jim doesn't build them up himself. Their standard is the T47 and there are many lovely builds been done locally to me so I'm not stressed about it.

    Spoke on a live chat to Praxis about the BB tool, he said it will probably work so at £20 or so I'll get one and see how it fits.

    @Alexnharvey I love ass, I do. Almost as much as I love this forum, its a veritable encyclopaedia!

    Cheers troops!

  • I never said it wouldn't be threaded. The term cut is what you use to discuss chasing a thread. You use a cutting tool to do this. This is normal new frame prep, as is facing the BB shell to ensure alignment, remove paint etc. Again a specific tool is required with a T47 BB.

    The cutting and facing tools in this instance are very rare for the reasons I have said. Just trying to share knowledge.

    I also answered the OPs question with 2 separate sources for the BB tool they require, if indeed the frame is ready to have a BB installed.

    You on the other hand have done nothing but be aggro? Are you having a bad day?

  • Well, let's wait and see what is actually required before starting any more handwringing about the lack of T47 facing and chasing tools...

  • If they're doing a load of T47 stuff they are likely to have the tools needed for install and frame prep. Good luck!

  • Thanks! I love you both.

  • :D Good luck and apologies for argumentative tone @Señor_Bear.

  • I have the Chris King T47 BB tool if you need to borrow it.

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Chris King T47 BB Tool?

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