Koga Miyata - Bike with a kickstand

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  • Despite the situation, I had the best summer of cycling last summer on an All City Macho Man. I was expecting to go all out on this project but never got round to finishing it and left the frame raw with mixture of parts bin and shiny components. Sorry to disappoint you all. I have decided to star another ‘current project’ anyhow, and maybe this time with a little help I’ll get it done. In addition, giving all you bored folk something to read, without skipping any of the boring mundane details and back story

    I’ve recently returned to the United Kingdom after a short 6 month stint in Rotterdam, where I managed to get my beater bike stolen which had some much loved fancy parts on but I quickly got over that. After stalking @platypus and his identical bike I decided I wanted one and marktplaats pulled through. A short metro journey later, to the other side of the city and back. I had acquired this pretty much stock bicycle for 50 euros. So swings n roundabouts etc…. Neither the gears nor brakes were in working condition so it sat locked up outside my flat for a few months. When my city beater was stolen I intended to use this but just to add salt to the wound, it turns out I lost the key for the lock. Anyway, after persuading the police to assist me in liberating the bicycle from its chains and a persuasive UPS commercial invoice, the frame is back in Brexit Britain with miraculously, no custom fees to pay. (Somebody must be watching over me)

    The general idea is a fancy, wide (ish) tired, up right, rough stuff, camping, slow machine. Taking ‘vibe’ inspiration from Rivendell, Blue Lug $$$$$ and the famous @MAj . A mix of fancy black and silver parts with the odd pop of colour. The majority of use will entail cycling in the countryside with friends and the occasional trip to Richmond Park to sulk.

    With optimistic thinking, later this summer, I intend to pedal this bicycle from Rotterdam to Bilbao, via Barcelona and Sad Hill Cemetery. I will be utilising the ease of ferry travel with a bicycle and maybe take the odd train here and there if I’m pushed for time and energy. So, therefore I will be picking everybody’s brains for some touring equipment as well.

    This will be painted, just trying to decided wether or not to do this before or after my trip. But I will get onto that later… I also think I may be able to have some fun with decals.

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  • Some of the stuff I have, some I will acquire and some that I can dream of:

    Koga Miyata TerraLiner from 96/7’ Older than I.

    Obviously want a colourful threaded Chris king for rarity points but for now I will buy something cheap and shiny silver.

    Had this cool 26.8 Salsa post. Also had a nice long race face post of similar era which was on the stolen bike. Luckily the salsa is just about long enough for this frame.

    Something brooks possibly. For now I will ride this.

    Once I decided on length, maybe something from the 90s MTB era to match the black post. High rise as the dutch fiets and Grant Peterson have converted me.

    I currently have albatross bars but will all order some bosco from planet x to try the out.

    These über cool tektro CNC levers that are a poor man’s Paul Lever. Two tone is way cooler anyway.

    These ESI have a long life left in them but maybe some Rivendell style cotton tape around the rest of the bars for instagram points.
    I have TRP Mini V. They work well. Who needs discs.

    Need silver hubs, spokes, rims. Not too fussy but want something bombproof. And I’m thinking a dynamo hub to charge my phone and camera battery when on holiday. And for a front light for the rest of the year.

    For rough stuff I have : G one 40mm
    For less rough study: I may order : 33.333333333333mm Jack Browns , also from Planet X.

    Crankset + BB
    I have lovely Middleburn X Superstar N/W set up currently. I like 1x and don’t think I’ll bother changing to a double or a triple. Maybe just a wider range cassette for touring. Thoughts?

    Rear Mech
    Currently using 10 speed zee which works fine but would like to use a bar end sifter with both bar options. This rules out 10 speed mtb stuff unless I buy an expensive micro shift shifter I believe. The most beautiful rear mech is obviously XTR M950 so maybe I will try this! My research tells me I can pair this with a 10 speed bar end shifter and run it 10 speed. Could somebody confirm this for me please?

    As above.

    King Cages. Might add a third cage somewhere right the old Rivnut Trick, not sure though.

    I liked the Nukeproof Flats I was using but I’m thinking MKS Lambda or MKS Bear Traps for that nostalgic youthful feeling of bare metal scraping the skin from ones shins. But this will be a luxury I leave until the end.

    Luggage n Racks
    To be discussed. I have a small Carradice Super C but will need a little more space elsewhere on the bike.

    If I use this for commuting I will also get some guards.

    More to follow…
    All feedback and trash talk appreciated and welcomed.

    Edit: Did I mention it has a kick stand plate ?

  • sounds like my kind of build

  • Sounds like an interesting build! Subbed

  • I agree with the other two, sounds like a good build. Been tempted to do a similar set up on my old 80s Peugeot.

  • bare metal scraping the skin from ones shins.

    oh the days of bmx / skating

  • This is gonna be very cool! Cant wait to see what you do with this...

    Gonna get some cloth bar tape and wrap those bars up??!

  • Yes exactly that, going to run ESI grips and then wrap the rest of the bars. My intention is to run a bar end shifter so I have ample room for hand positions in front of the brake levers. I found the trigger shifts root in the way slightly when riding previously.

  • I've just found a badly stored NJS Hatta Swan Headset in a drawer form my short lived track bike days. The lower bearing ring is a bit ovalised and missing a couple ball bearings but I will try and see if I have anything suitable to replace it with.

    After ordering the Bosco Bars late last night, they have already been delivered to my doorstep today. Despite being the same width as the albatross bars they look huge. These also come in a 58cm version I think. Currently have 3 shades of blue going on.

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  • Bar end shifters all the way.

    I have some 7spd Deore thumbies spare if you need/want them ;)

  • I think I'm gonna stick to a greedy ten speeds but thanks!

  • great thread
    here's mine last night

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  • Lovely build+trailer. Did you also fail to fit the bagman with this sprung fizik saddle? As soon as I decide to get rid of it, ill come give you it as promised.

  • Excuse the piss poor photo. Did a very quick, impatient build yesterday using what I had, to meet my mate halfway for some beers. The old and short chain will be replaced this weekend. Headset is more or less toast and will need replacing asap as well, think the lower cup bearings have perished over time and probably haven't been serviced since 96'. I think all the yellow will probably go and I will definitely need a new stem if I'm running the bar this high as I was really pushing the insertion limit without realising. But a big tipsy grin on the cycle home on my 'grandad bike' with this coming up on the Spotify shuffle, alongside the sun setting.

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  • thanks!
    yes, I could never get the bagman on the saddle rails cos of the spring

  • Cool project! Following.

  • you've done the classic here, where your "thrown together build" looks good enough to be a done project

    next 30 pages is slowly losing your mind over cnc and import fees, i can respect that

  • @Maj There will be many 'styling' choices to come don't worry.

    For now it hasn't changed. Went on a moderately long ride through some rough(*mud) stuff in the cold on Saturday and a lovely short ride to the top of a hill to watch a sunset today. The track shown in the photo is usually lovely in the summer. It's part of the Viking Way I believe. I only had to walk for about 70m or so, a couple motorcross bikes passing, politely not spraying me with mud.

    Have decided I will definitely go for a 2x set up for the summer tour. Are the spa cycles chainrings any good ? Or are they made of cheese?

    On the shifter front, keep losing out on Ebay auctions for 10sp dura ace shifters but may have to splash the cash a little to secure a pair.

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  • So you had Albatross? And now Bosco? I'm loving the shape and looks of Bosco and am itching to pull the trigger on a set but fear , even for me, they'll be too high

    Is your steering light?

  • Yes I swapped them out. It feels pretty regular, not too twitchy and not like turning a barge. Since Christmas I was riding a Dutch bike with swept back bars and a 1/2cm long stem so it didn’t feel weird riding the bosco on first try and was certainly less twitchy. I was also apprehensive before I bought them but they’re low in stock on Planet X so I’m sure you could easily sell them on if they don’t work.

  • Not much update as lack of cashflow but I'll be putting this through its paces next weekend. Have been roped into a little bike packing excursion in the Yorkshire dales. The fancy cnc parts and the Japanese pedals will have to wait bit I have just purchased this fine piece of design. I don't have a front mech / shifter or a wide range cassette , so will be temporarily running an on trend 42t n/w 38t inner ring combo for the big hills. I have some panniers on the way, but if they don't arrive in time, I'll be cramming everything in a massive wald basket.

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  • Lovely Koga!

    Where did you get this kickstand from? Mine has a narrow plate and the only places I can find kickstands that’ll fit are in Holland or Germany.

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  • That's super nice! What bars?


  • can we get some more pictures of this bike please - ds shots and details

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Koga Miyata - Bike with a kickstand

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