• The fuck is wrong with you?

  • Nowt. I’m just a creative thinker. Take a look at that thread- dibs on this and that, give me this part and that part. A little bit of a strong analogy, but these bikes have feelings too.

  • Bloke makes a tired rape joke and thinks he’s a creative thinker. The hubris! Glad to see you care about bikes’ feelings, maybe you could extend the same courtesy to humans who’ve been raped.

  • A “creative thinker”? A “strong analogy”? The extent of your creativity is ... a rape joke? ... wow

    I’m embarrassed for you. Cos clearly you lack the requisite brain cells for empathy and capacity to be embarrassed for yourself.

    get the fuck out of here

  • Wow. I have obviously touched a nerve with the both of you. I’m talking about a bike being raped. A bike. Not people. You @lazysuperhero need to watch that potty mouth as I haven’t personally attacked you. And I am a very creative thinker.

  • you say that you "touched a nerve" while saying you didn't "personally attacked" me? hmmm Maybe you did touch a nerve. And that (if you engage your brain) would would make your crass shit joke a really horrible thing to have brought here.

    And what if i or @zincfingers are rape survivors? what then? Wouldn't you acting like a dick and making shit jokes about rape be something really shit that we shouldn't have put up with? especially in a community we like?

    You don't have to be making a rape joke directly about a person for it to be not okay and a fucked up thing

    Doing it about a bike is also fucked, it trivialises rape, a lot of people are rape survivors, many of those survivors are members of this community, many of them still having to deal with it, process it every day. You coming in here, acting like a complete prick, making light of rape is demeaning, trivializing and will make someone who experienced that feel like utter shit and ruin their day.

    It shows the calibre of thoughtless human being that you are when your issue isn't rape jokes about bikes, but my supposed "potty mouth" fucking hell.

    so stop digging that hole and fuck off mate.

  • Couldn’t have put it better.

  • God, I really didn’t think I’d be getting into trauma territory on a bike thread. Okay man @lazysuperhero points well made. Hope your day isn’t too ruined

  • 👏 👏 👏 well said (also... shame it had to be said)

  • Blimey, missed all of those comments. Not really the place for inappropriate jokes, I just want to sell the bike (which doesn't have feelings - its metal.)

    Sent messages to everyone thats Dibs-ed bits and updated the parts list at the top


  • Interested in the frameset, wheels and cranks if they've not gone?

  • Just sent you a message man

  • Has the bike been taken apart now ?
    I was looking at it and thinking I could.throw my leg over the saddle and start having fun right this week ...

  • @ChrisO I take it the rack is already on it’s way to a new home? Very interested if you’ve still got it!

  • How much for the longneck grips pls?

  • ..and if the frame/ forks doesnt fly out the door I have cash waiting

  • Sorry mate I this sold already!

  • These already sold mate!

  • Updated bits still for sale at the top of the thread

  • Any chance the Kashimax is still available? Cheers

  • Dibs wheels please. PM'd

  • Cranks still available?

  • Long shot:

    Did the wheels go, are they 130mm would you post?

  • How much for the cranks and wheels mate?

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FS - Brother Swift 59cm with Thomson, Omnium, Halo, Kashimax, MASH parts

Posted by Avatar for ChrisO @ChrisO