• Sold.

    Alright here's a bike then. I'm going to donate £50 from this sale to our DIY skatepark project because we're constantly in need of funds. Whole bike for £140. It's in E8 and I won't post. The price to me reflects the BB situation below.

    Bit of a mish mash of recent leftovers and new bits where you want them. It rides like a new bike (to me anyway... it's been a while since I've owned a new bike).

    Run down:

    • 1992 (I think?!) Giant Escaper, 17.5" CTC, 19" CTT. 1 1/8th. Original matching stem. Rad forks.
    • New generic threaded headset, unsealed bearings
    • All black wheels, bearings and freehub good. Deore hubs on standard rims, plenty wear left on braking surface. Schwalbe City Jets that could do with a wipe. It won’t come with these skewers as they belong with another wheelset.
    • Might come with a different saddle, a retro WTB one which in my opinion is much nicer than the one shown, but my gf prefers it.
    • The following has had about 100 miles use: cables, brake pads, chain, cassette, S&M Hoder grips (that don't match the decals as well as I thought they might)
    • 1 x 7 drivetrain. Trigger shifter, XT mech, shimano cassette
    • Retro shimano deore DX canti brakes, some unbranded levers, which are actually pretty nice.
    • Retro Orange riser bars with the cross bar so you can fit a pad later ;)

    The bad:

    • No rust to write home about, but the paint is quite scratched in places. Hopefully the photos show that.
    • The BB is siezed in the frame and the driveside teeth have gone. It's a shimano one I think, and it spins nicely and with no play. I imagine there's plenty of life in it but beyond that I can't say for sure. Winston Vaz might be able to burn it out - his website says prices from £20 for that service. It's a bit far for me to travel for a bike that's just taking up room now my 950 is finished.
    • The cranks don't match. They're the same length (175), and they look like a pair, but they're not.
    • The shifter is 8sp, and there's a 7sp cassette on it. It shifts really well considering (maybe 90% of perfect. 8speed shimano shifters pull 2.8mm of cable per shift, 7speed ones pull 2.7mm so there's not a lot in it). It would benefit from an 8sp cassette if you're fussy, and a retune of the mech to get it running perfectly, but it didn't bother me enough to do it.

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  • Very nice deal for someone

  • Very interested for a friend— I’m bad with mountain bike sizes, what sort of height do you think this would be good for?

  • This is great. Excellent deal.

  • I'm 5'9" and that's how it is set up in the photo and is kind of spot on for my height. there's lots of seat post in the frame but I guess beyond 5'11 it might be uncomfortable. Likewise lower than 5'7" and it might begin to feel too big.

  • Nice

  • I think it would be better with some laid back cruiser bars on it, but cba to do it for a bike I'm getting rid of.

  • This is lovely, and an absolute steal.

  • Ooof lovely!

  • Rad!

  • Dibs for a friend! have sent you a message

  • I would have snatched this up!!!

  • Is this gone ?

  • Sorry yeah this has now gone. Thanks all for comments and interest. No doubt more to come, slowly. PM me if you want to buy something like it

  • so dope, too small for me :(

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The unwanted retro mtb child of recent builds. Ride it away for £140. 19"

Posted by Avatar for Alban @Alban