• Impending house move means a bit of a down-sizing, so offering these for sale. Probably don’t need to sell all of them, but will see how we get on. Based in SW, collection or meeting up for exercise only (unless you have a courier that is willing to pack on collection).

    Kona Major Jake - 58cm ST CTT - £550 (was 600)

    Handy for both winter commuting and summer gravel-grinding (or winter gravel if that’s your thing). Nice CX Scandium frame (fancy aluminium), flattened top tube for more comfortable carrying. Columbus Tusk CX fork. I had this setup with guards and wide tubs over winter, now setup for gravel tyres. Marks here and there, but the brushed Scandi finish holds up pretty well.

    HS - Cane Creek 40
    Shifters, Front & Rear Mechs - Campagnolo Centaur 10sp (some scuffing on rear mech)
    Chainset - Miche Race
    BB - Shimano HT2
    Brakes - Tektro CR720
    Bars & Seatpost - Deda Zero 100
    Stem - Deda Zero 1 100mm
    Saddle - Astute something or other (Star Lab?), light, no complaints on comfort
    Wheelset - rather lovely and now hard to find Italian PMP Black 20/32, Shimano 10sp laced to Kinlin XR-26t on Sapim D-Light black spokes. Comes with the also hard to find (at a reasonable price) tan-wall G-Ones
    Will come with new Deda black bar tape, but no pedals (shout if you need some tho)

    Full measurements:
    55 st ctc (listed by Kona and feels like a 58)
    58 st ctt
    57 tt ctc

    Split price:
    Frameset, headset, hanger, brakes - £215
    Wheelset listed in other thread

    Roberts - 62cm ST CTC - [withdrawn for now] w/ Campag Record xAmbrosio (was 700)

    Next, my Roberts. Seat tube is tall, but only 57 tt ctc so if you can cope with the standover there is some flexibility. I think this is Columbus EL-OS, judging by the lovely fillet brazing and fastback stays, but I’m not sure. Columbus Minimal fork. Given that, a pretty light frame for the age/size. I had planned to have this resprayed (and mudguard eyelets added) at some point, as you can see there are a few chips through to the metal in places, but with reapplying some nail varnish to protect it you could keep it as it is for the foreseeable. Decals are also flagging, but still looks great overall.

    HS - Miche
    DT Shifters, Front and Rear Mechs - Shimano 7700 (9sp)
    Chainset - Shimano 7700 (nb standard, not the 'Olympics' in photo)
    BB - 105 (I think) Octalink
    Levers - Tektro
    Brakes - 105 (for greater clearance)
    Bars - Ritchey WCS
    Stem - PlanetX 110mm (v light and fit the bars well)
    Seatpost - Campagnolo Chorus/Record (keeping the Ti seat post)
    Saddle - Selle Italia SLR
    Bar tape - Fizik
    Wheels - currently fitted ‘winter fashion’ with Campagnolo Record hubs laced to 32/32 Ambrosio Excellence rims and 28mm Conti GP 4 Seasons. -£30 if you don’t need the tyres and I can fit ‘get you home’ tyres instead, I think tan wall would suit nicely for summer (see last photo)
    I can include the cages and Wellgo (surprisingly light) pedals if you like, but no Rack or toe cages

    Edit: new chain and adjusting the B-screw seems to have eliminated the chain slip.

  • **Gazelle 731 OS Champion Mondiale - 55.5cm ST CTC - Frameset SOLD

    Finally, this one has always been a little small for me, but I made it work because of the stunning paint job, with lots of seatpost, a long stem and riding a bit low and long… Top tube is also 55.5 CTC. Great tubing, retired before its time. Again a few chips, but most covered over by previous owner, but not so many as to detract from the paint. If it were larger, I’d definitely keep it.

    HS - Stronglight Delta (the nice one with needle bearings)
    DT Shifters - Simplex Retrofriction
    Chainset, Front and Rear Mechs - Campagnolo Chorus
    BB - Campagnolo Chorus
    Levers - Campagnolo, Chorus I think
    Brakes - Campagnolo Daytona
    Bars - 3ttt Forma
    Stem - Cinelli Pinochio
    Seatpost - Genetic
    Saddle - Essax something or other, superlight and rideable
    Bar tape - Fizik
    Wheels - not selling those in the photos I’m afraid, so can either do the Campag Records above for a bit of Neo-retro, or I have a set of Campag Croce D’Aune laced to 32/32 Mavic CD2 rims (bombproof tubulars) that look great with this. Freewheel setup obvs. I don’t think I have spare tan wall tubs, so would have to give you ‘get you home’ tubs and then source your own. Shout if desperate though and I’ll see what’s knocking about
    No pedals (again, shout if you need some)

    Another full disclosure… The rear derailleur hanger was stripped when I bought this, so it’s been drilled out and I use a Dropout saver. The practical effect, is either you need to avoid the bottom cog, or use a 1-2mm spacer inside the dropout, so that the chain clears the lip of the frame saver. May not be an issue with higher tooth small cogs.

    Split price:
    Frameset, headset - GONE
    Groupset - moved to components classifieds

  • Kona photos

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  • To demonstrate what it was like in winter mode

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  • Roberts

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  • More Roberts

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  • Gazelle

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  • Dibs the gazelle while I read the listing!!!
    Argh, read it now - being strong and saying I don’t need it - Undibs

    That Roberts is bloody lovely too

  • Sending PM re the Kona!

  • PM’d regarding the Kona

  • Price drop on the Roberts

  • More drops, Kona now switched back to summer mode.

  • Gazelle dropped

  • Oyfff, that Gazelle. So nice.

  • Thanks, yep, it’s a bit of a looker! Shame I don’t use it more.

  • That Gazelle is a lookerrrrrrrrr. Too small (cry cry)

  • The Roberts is stunning

  • Thanks, most kind.

    The Kona continues to get interest, but open to offers on Frame, Forks, Headset for the other two.

  • pm'ed re roberts

  • PM'd re the Roberts

  • Is the Kona still available?

  • Still available, a couple more drops.

  • Sadly now offering to split these up. Frames/wheels on Robert/Kona first, may list the parts later. The Gazelle frame is already spoken for, but will list the groupset now as it's a nice Chorus/Simplex package aside from the brakes.


  • How much for the Roberts frame? How big is the ht? Cheers

  • As in frame only? Hmm, let me ponder if I want to split the frameset itself. Measurements are 19cm to centre of TT, 21.5cm to top.

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Now splitting: Roberts 62cm / Kona CX Major Jake 58cm / Gazelle 731 OS Champion Mondial 55.5cm

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