Ayrton's Descent into Madness

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  • This has been my commuter for the longest time and I really beat the shit out of it. It was pretty scuffed when I bought it (about 10 years ago from someone on this very forum) with a ding in the downtube and chipped paintwork.

    At some point the seatpost clamp cracked so I'm looking into getting it fully repaired / restored / repainted with some new decals made etc etc.

    Not sure what it would have originally been equipped with but it had a DA stem, seatpost, and (road) cranks, and a 600 headset. If the crack is salvageable, I'd like to do it a solid and put some nice parts on it. I've reached out to the original manufacturer to get their input on its origins or what they'd recommend.

    Oh, also, shame of all shames, when I was commuting on it I got the fork drilled because I was a child and poor and wanted to have my cake and also eat it. As part of the resto I'm going to get that filled.

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  • This guy has the seat and post nicked off it, currently on the Müsing.

    Picked this up summer last year from a guy in Princeton who I think bought it new and then only ever took it out on nice days for like 30 years then decided to upgrade to a carbon 'dale and sold this one. It's in really good nick. I'm kinda annoyed I didn't grab the set of the original Shimano wheels that came with it (but I had no extra cash when I went to pick it up, and was getting their via train yada yada poor life decisions).

    Seems to be a '93 R600 (see this magazine, page 33). I'm not being super precious about this and did have thoughts of mgoofing it. Anyway, gonna put the old seat and post back on it once I ship the Müsing out for repairs.

    Also I'm gonna take the fenders off and get a shit weather bike so I don't trash this. Rode this past winter and wipe out a few times in the snow. Much fun but many regrets.

    Thanks to you folk for the advice in the 'dale thread on my highly fucked up handlebar situation previously. Currently running some deda compact ergo bars. You can see the Nitto compact's sitting behind it I might swap out. Also might try to find a shorter stem CT stem.

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  • I don't really know what I'm doing with this other than slapping an 8 speed Campagnolo groupset on it. Bought the groupset with the wheels as a combo. Never had any campy parts before so kinda just doing this to live a little and may end up just selling it on. Or use this as the vehicle for a mgoof with campy and then get a nicer frame down the line. Also might try and convert the Shamals to a newer freehub but my research indicates that's quite difficult.

    Very much looking for suggestions on components with this one. Thinking ITM or 3T stem and post. Want to try some nice Italian saddles too. Generally just trying to go full IT parts because that is how my smooth brain perceives this build.

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  • Building up a bike for a friend of mine on the shorter side. Wanted to see if 650c could work. Tried a fit with them recently and it seemed ok (???). I have this sram groupset so I'm just going to use that and see how it goes. Also, not feeling precious about this so might repaint is for fun and slap decals back on. Friend likes this idea and it's pretty much just whatever they're happy with so why not.

    Ignore the shite seat and post, will get something half decent soon.

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  • Nice collection, Girini with Shamals looks great. I'd be tempted to build it up with a groupset you can use with those wheels with and just stick some modern shaped bars and better tyres rather than going all out MGOOF.

  • That Cannondale is lovely, dibs if you ever think about selling!

  • Nice collection

  • After many years of at least owning 58cm bikes but not actually riding them all that much, I've realized 56cm might be a little more my size. Gonna be m'goofing this dale with some bits which should all come together soon. Also, if 56 does turn out to be the size for me, I'll likely sell or swap the blue R600.

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  • Love the colour!
    Girini looks immense any updates on that?
    Also what's MGOOF mean?

  • Also what's MGOOF mean?

    Modern groupset on old frame - one of those forum phrases you pick up when you spend too much time on here...(guilty)

  • Cheers man.

  • Alas, I'm gonna scrap the girini build until I figure out fit on my 56 dale. But, with some other purchases I've made, I now have a full groupset that would go well on a friend's bike that currently holds the shamals and campy 8sp groupset.

    So hopefully I'll at least see it complete, even if I never ride it.

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Ayrton's Descent into Madness

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