Chirps and Derps

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  • ah soz, in reply to the fox

  • Beep-Beep motherfuckers

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  • And yesterday we lost Cindy and Kate to (I’m assuming) the same fox. Blue’s wing is also badly damaged. He dug down under the fence and pushed the buried chicken wire away from the buried fence posts.

    I’m going to dig down 18” and build an stone wall that comes up at least a foot above grade. Surround the whole coop like that.

    Ps wife took this picture of another fox running off with a baby raccoon this morning. At least I think it’s another fox, looks a bit smaller then the one I’ve seen around.

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  • A new friend, named her The Sorcerous.

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  • Digging down about 18” and surrounding the chicken pen with a rock wall. As the derps don’t stay out overnight it should prevent the fox from digging under in half an hour.

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  • My folks had chickens in the garden, in a coop with no door, and never had any problems with foxes.

    The 200+ kg angry pig may have had something to do with that, though.

    tl;dr you need a giant pig.

  • ^ they did have a tendency to die from ergot poisoning though, so be sure to change any grains regularly.

  • Looks like a sturdy enclosure - hope it solves the fox problem!

    I did the same with mine re. rocks - we don't have a fox issue but the door is left open & the coop is a free standing wooden affair so wouldn't be difficult for some bastard thing to dig under it if one did appear... at least this way it will be squashed by a large rock in doing so, because gravity.

  • Living my best life.

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  • tl;dr you need a giant pig.

    I want to get some angry goats.

  • That’s been in the news over here, mostly making fun of conservatives who have been “Don’t tell me what to do! I’ll kiss my chickens if I want to! Fricken libtards!”

  • Pygmy goats, you mean. A pair thereof. And a Dexter or two.

  • Chirps are getting big.

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  • Also found this handsome fella.

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Chirps and Derps

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